Only a tiny fraction of Instagram feed reading takes place in the third-party applications, so Instagram feed off its API, to make quicker feature development and create a more consistent user experience. The move is part of a large clearing platform Instagram. It includes a list of exactly what allowed its API, the application review process of resolution which makes Instagram closed platform and a new testing of the developer sandbox.

Looking ahead, the platform Instagram will only allow photo editing application, and those are the tinder that will allow you to pull in your own Instagrams (but not your food), trademarks, and ad management applications and tools for the media and broadcasting. Existing applications will have to comply by June 1, 2016, and the policy and reviews come into force for new applications from December 3, 2015

Instagram Devs One can assume that change is intended to increase revenue Instagram, forcing users to view photos, where he can insert advertising. Instagram had to get serious about making money. But unlike when the shut-party Twitter clients, readers are not very popular Instagram. The company tells me that, compared with 400 million users of Instagram, even the most popular Instagram client is 0.5% or less, as many monthly active users – about 2 million. Completing them will not win a lot more views Instagram advertising anyway.

Change is not completely altruistic, though. This will benefit Instagram, allowing him to focus engineering and design resources for the construction of its major platforms instead of worrying as new features or changes will be used to work for little customers. Instagram also earn an additional goodwill from users, since they do not have to worry about their image to be trimmed so that the video being wrong loop, or a text description of the edits will not appear.

Changes customers hit developers Instagram difficult, especially for the platform Instagram does not natively support, as the Ipad and a work desk. Applications that will change on June 1, include retro, Flow, Padgram and Pictacular for Ipad, and Webbygram, Webstagram, Instagreat and Itsdagram desktop. The new policy will also affect any service to offer automatic following, -liking or -commenting.


reader applications such as retro for Ipad no longer allowed

In turn, Instagram says it is “to create a more stable environment, based on a real experience on the platform” for developers in terms of this permit. In fact, crappy applications will not burn users, apart from the good applications. In addition, Instagram will be able to devote more resources to support the elegant set of API, it does offer.

In order to test for their platform easier, Instagram will launch a new Sandbox development environment where developers can experiment with full access to the API for 10 testers.

This is a graph, all these changes will all go down:

  • Today: Instagram is no longer allow new applications to its platform
  • December 3, 2015: Instagram opens submitting new applications for its mandatory approvals application review process that allows only approved applications in categories
  • June 1, 2016: All existing applications must comply with the new policy, and went through the review process permits the application

Restriction platform Instagram lets focus on the construction of new applications such as loop-maker Boomerang

At least, developers get a six-month grace period. That would be good for Instagram, to step up and give users IPad official application to replace those he kills, but I would not hold your breath, if the device is ignored for so long. Changes followed by other policy platform reinforcements from Instagram, including crack down on applications that use the “Insta” or “g” in the name, cutting off access to find friends competitors such as Phhhoto.

How has Instagram, he had to choose whether to continue to support an open platform and focus on their own applications. Not paying attention to thematic customer edge allowed him to innovate rapidly in recent years, adding, trends and search the place, improving Instagram Direct messages offering portrait and landscape crop, and the launch of a spot associated applications like Hyperlapse, layout, and Boomerang.

Although it may burn some credit to developers today, Instagram is ordering itself, so it can keep adapting to the rapidly changing world of visual communication.