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The Director General Uber Travis Kalanick has a vision of an ideal travel Uber. “It is an eternal journey, a journey that never ends,” said Kalanick last year. “The driver picks up a passenger, another passenger picks up a passenger falls on the first, but then picks up passengers number three and number two passenger falls.”

This vision has become a reality, but not by Uber.

India’s homegrown road degrees Ola behemoth debuted a new service two weeks ago, which does exactly that suggested Kalanick for Uber. Called Ola share, this corresponds to the passengers, who share social groups (work colleagues, students) and the general direction (work, school, house) something of a never-ending drive. The first passenger combined with a second and possibly a third, and after one fall of the driver Ola can pick another trip never ends. Ola rental service from 15 days ago in Bangalore and plans to reach more than five cities over the next three months.

Ola Share pretty much exactly the service Kalanick wants to bring to the uber but with a slightly different spin: Ola describes it as “eternal power” instead of

“The idea of ​​a Share is the driver gets to earn more because the capacity is almost two times, and there are still ride “eternal drive.” or the eternal ride, “said Ola News Buzzfeed representative Anand Subramanian.” It’s also obviously much more economical for the customer. They usually pay a third of the price they pay, if they had chosen a taxi for themselves. “

The service is still in its infancy and Ola needs further demand juice for him really take off. But it can not be too difficult for the company, considering it simply fulfilled its 25 millionth unique client has completed more than 150 million visits, and is on the way to 3 million travel bookings a day in April 2016

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