Ask the leaders and founders of the world’s largest road companies hail that their company will look like in five years, and they are likely to describe the broad, on-demand logistics services. Companies such as Uber and Ole is already moving rapidly towards this future, using their cars to put in the platform services, such as grocery delivery and UberEats accommodation Ola Ola Store. But now Ola takes a step in a new direction: the payments

On Thursday evening, the largest city of the road the company debuted a new India, self-application Ola money – it can fill the digital wallet .. This step was contemplating so Ola Ola Money steel payment method of choice for more than half of all the rides and Ola started gaining momentum among local retailers. New stand-alone application supports these operations and also allows people to recharge their mobile phone and plans to transfer money to other people.

“We realized payments and Ola money is the key thing that connects all the different services we offer together, from transportation to delivery,” rushil Goel, head of Ola money Buzzfeed News said. “We realized a few months ago gave our position [in transport] and taking into account that our clients use it a lot for that, we [can do] payment service focus in itself. It’s quite an interesting thing that comes out of the fact that we have a strong in transportation position. ”

Goel admitted that the digital wallet space in India is quite crowded, but he said Ola huge user base is sure OLA will be sufficient to distinguish Ola money. “There are a lot of wallets and digital payment options currently available in India but we are attached to this high-precedent,” he said. “People carry a lot more money from us – far more than any of the other [digital payment options]. If you look at the numbers, we’re pretty much one of the biggest purses in the country right now.”

In While it is something of an exploratory effort to Ole, Goel said he foresees a time when the company has a wider consumer brand than just a transport service. “More broadly, it becomes a consumer brand, because in a sense it allows more and more cases of use for the customer,” he said. “The core business is still around on-demand services, whether it’s cars, food, or products. But the payment of lump it becomes very strong branch, and allows more use cases”

Standalone digital wallet and services, not necessarily specific market. it can be easily removed from India and transferred to other countries, such as China and Singapore – where Ola now has a strategic partner in the Chinese road degrees of Didi-Kuadi GrabTaxi and Singapore. But for the time being, he said Goel Ola focused strictly on “venturing” in India.