Optane Intel products will be available as soon as next year for owners of PC enthusiasts – as meaning high-end applications such as gamers, who are willing to fork out for blazing fast SSD-drives.

This is according to Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president and general manager, Client Computing Group, who made the announcement at a conference Intel, investors yesterday, reports PC World.

If you have not heard of Optane earlier, this is essentially supposedly revolutionary new category of storage, which promises super fast solid-state drives and memory. It was first presented earlier this year, as the 3D Xpoint (Optane instantaneous brand version of Intel’s technology).

3D Xpoint (pronounced “3D Phillips”) took Intel more than ten years of research to hone and boasts a transistor less mixing with the architecture, which is something like three-dimensional chess board, which allows data to be read and written on a small scale is much faster and more efficiently.

According to Intel, it represents the largest memory breakthrough because NAND flash was introduced, and it is a big, big deal with the company arguing that it is not less than 1000 times faster than NAND (1000 times greater endurance, too).

drives and DIMM modules

The first products will Optane SSD, and the DIMM memory (the latter directed to the servers for the data center, etc.).

Naturally, the first SSD-drives to appear in the next year will be expensive for the early, but eventually they will start to go down in price over the basic positioning (as well as with solid-state drives, when they first came out – now let’s see how cheap they are)

Of course, Optane not. just about the PC enthusiast and gaming facilities, but it will have a broad impact in many areas of technology, including better crunching large amounts of data, machine learning and other large applications.

Micron, which jointly developed 3D Xpoint with Intel, will also bring their products to market in the future.

The biggest computer technology revolution in the decade just happened