Importance of Guest Blogging in Seo webtoasts comment The importance of search engine optimization clients blog : Review SEO:webtoasts From: Swebtoasts score: Fives In March 16, 2016 Last Review : March 16, 2016 summary: Xu guest blog , and how to use its importance. The most effective tips to build natural backlinks according to Google ‘s argument. more details As we are familiar with search engine optimization , we know , is not a guest blog Xu new , but so far the most essential part . This is not anyone suitable , satisfactory answer , because if we give the importance of this , why do we give ? I mean , we should develop the importance of customers , each idea Xu ‘s blog .

Importance of Guest Blogging in Seo

Importance of Guest Blogging in Seo:

Since 2005 , perhaps due to his guest blog search engine optimization capabilities in the beginning , so far , we love it . Now, here to highlight the rise of question is why we gave him too much importance , so far ? Google itself does not like guests blog linking scheme , and his tour guide said support.

So what you can figure out from above statement. Majority of bloggers trying to build numbers of links through paid guest blogging, which can put your site rank down than before. So if Google instructing us to prevent themselves from these kind of links so what is actual purpose of this article writing? Google always guide us utilize external links in your written article but links should be looks like natural not paid or link exchange.

So if your link seems like natural and organic, so that is a plus point for your site rank.

How Link Can be Natural OR Not?

As we said above , your external links should be close to nature . If you could write the assumption Microsoft Surface review articles , and contact Microsoft Surface word Wikipedia directly or their official Microsoft website product pages so it makes sense to you . Second, you write your link this specific keyword or news so it also makes sense for this product Huffington Post article . Since the Huffington Post is considered to be the United States ranked popular news aggregator and blog . Third, if you are authoritative article and website links field is less than 10 and there is no correlation between the two, your site and linked sites , which will be considered from the perspective of search engine spam. Therefore , because the payment and exchange their irrelevance and appalling layout and structure , that link will be considered.

Google also provide a way from which you can put external links without passing pagerank to another. Simply use nofollow attribute with your each hyperlink. Use the below structure of hyperlink with nofollow attribute.

<a href="http;//" rel="nofollow">Example</a>

Precaution is better than quick or unknown experiment. So that is good practice to use nofollow attribute from your links for which you are not sure or do not want to pass your pagerank. Must read what is nofollow and dofollow rel attribute and their detailed discussion on nofollow and dofollow.

Guest blog is useful and helpful if we use it in good faith . Guest blog can help you maintain your PageRank search engine . Or share the article will give you hope for a better future thinking , guest blog search engine optimization has attached great importance to how , and how to use it in good faith . Let us know if you have any questions about the blog and related aspects of the guests . You can also directly with us in our community forum to interact , or you can leave your query below.