You have an incredibly rich, but not one to turn your nose in the sale of quality? Do you sometimes lament strictly a phone booking process a private jet to fly? Well, JetSmarter have just the thing for you.

JetSmarter, a private jet booking application support Jay Z and the Saudi royal family, is rolling out a new on-demand service that allows you to back up only a few places in a private jet at the date and time of their choice. JetSmarter describes it as UberPool for private aircraft – a “choose your own JetShuttle” service where you only pay for the space that you order, and not all of the jet

JetSmarter CEO Sergei Petrossov says using the service “as the . create your own airline, “but it does have limitations. Reservations require a minimum of four seats in the aircraft, and you can only travel between New York and South Florida (for $ 4950), Los Angeles and San Francisco ($ 1,950), and Los Angeles. and Las Vegas ($ 1,950) After you have set your route and you need to book a place, JetSmarter puts the remaining seats to sell at cost through JetDeals JetDeals service, generally speaking, unilateral early flights -. otherwise known as empty legs. They are available free of charge to JetDeals members who pay / monthly membership fee of $ 800, and for non-members at a discounted price determined travel. Prices, according to Petrossov, much cheaper than what it usually cost to charter the entire jet. Chartering a plane from Los Angeles to San Francisco, for example, can cost at least $ 5,000, according to JetSmarter.


With the new “choose your own function JetShuttle,” Petrossov hopes to one day lead in chartering a jet JetSmarter to the masses. “As the company continues to grow, the price of entry-level to create their own shuttle service will start to go down,” he said Buzzfeed News. “I would like to see the day when you can create your own transfer [Booking] at least two places.”

Until then, JetSmarter is not something of an anomaly among the demand and share of the economy, K “Uberification” economy is often credited for making sometimes Luxe, often high-quality services and make them more accessible and affordable. Consider Uber, which transformed the once premium sports utility. While Uber may have begun as a luxury black car service, one of his primary pitches today it is that it helps people in the community get a simple and affordable transport.

Companies like JetSmarter, however, and even on- demand application helicopter blades bring the convenience of mobile technology and the demand is strictly wealthy audience. Although demand may increase, and prices can fall as expanding JetSmarter, it seems unlikely the service will never be as fractional democratize as Uber, Postmates, comfortable, and TaskRabbit. Even among the rich “Choose your JetShuttle” function can not be the obvious answer. While renting a place or two on the plane can be handy for a quick trip with a friend, the appeal of flying private, usually just that: the confidentiality of