It’s not easy to find on the Internet, may be the only short and to the point tutorial in three stages upload is complete Joomla site remote host: 1.upload file to the host. 2.export your database and import it to the host. 3. rewritten the configuration.php file some lines, so that website and database work together.



Step 1: Download FTP software


Step 2: Let your FTP information: Host Name: Typically, user name: typically and password: FTP password.


Step 3: The details above open FTP software, and. Press the quick connection, see the file from the host appears on the right box and your computer files appear on the left.


Step 4: Drag and drop from the left side all the Joomla files to public_html or right side of the home folder.


Step 5: Start all services on your local host, and go: phpMyAdmin (database manager)


Step 6: Choose your database (on the left, there is Joomla and MySQL more, choose one of the Joomla), and click Export (top label)


Step 7: This opens all components Joomla database, check all, hook bottom box (save as file – ZIP) and press Go (saved on the desktop to quickly find).


Step 8: Go to your host server again, click the database, and create a (give it a name and password).


Step 9: Open a new empty database you just created, and into the database, it (you have one of your desktop).


Step 10: Go to your public_html folder and right-click configuration.php file, and press Edit.


Step 11: Change these details to match your database name and password:

  • var $log_path = ‘/var/www/vhost/’;
  • var $tmp_path = ‘/var/www/vhost/’;
  • var $live_site = ;
  • var $host = ‘name your remote host’;
  • var $user = ‘your_user_db_name’;
  • var $db = ‘your_db_name’;
  • var $password = ‘your_db_password’;
    • changing the to your site’s name, host name: the IP address of the host (written on your host’s control panel) database name as appearing after you have saved it and the password you gave it when creating the database (user db name and db name are same), save.


Step 12: Right-click the file administrator, and then press: to open your site.


Step 13: Login (now on the host), your Joomla Admin Panel, then open: Global Configuration -> System -> Enable Web Services: and tick yes. save.


Step 14: Close all windows and open the browser, enter the name of your site, you should see it appear on the network, check that all the links are working.