How to Upgrade php version in whm. In this article, we will discuss how to use WHM’s EasyApache script (Web Host Manager) server upgrade PHP version. If you happen to have read about how we use EasyApache upgrade of Apache previous article, you will find that we skipped the PHP menus, in this article, we will go deeper into the available PHP settings you can EasyApache settings.

If you come here from how our PCI compliance scanning through the article, outdated versions of PHP, may result in failure of your website, a PCI scan common thing. So, learn how to use EasyApache update PHP in their southern great knowledge, talent, to ensure PCI compatible with your site.

This process needs to have root access to your VPS or dedicated server, most users will never need to change this myself, but the options available for advanced users.


  1. Change the PHP version:
  2. Log in to cPanel.
  3. Click Software / PHP Configure button service section. …
  4. PHP select whether you want to use from the drop-down list version.
  5. Click the Update button to save your PHP configuration.
  6. Please check your changes by viewing a page phpinfo your settings.

1-Log into WHM.


2-In the Find box at the top-left, type in Easy, then click on EasyApache.


3-Leave the Previously Saved Config (** DEFAULT **) option selected, and click on Start customizing based on profile.


4-In most cases you’ll be keeping the same version of Apache, so simply click Next Step on the Apache Version page.

5-In this example we have PHP 5.2.17 installed already, so you’ll want to click on PHP 5.3.18, and then click on Next Step.


6-On the Short Options List page you can set what options PHP will be compiled with. In this guide we are just talking about upgrading PHP, so you can simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save and Build.


7-Confirm Action window will pop-up asking if you’d like to Recompile Apache and PHP now? go ahead and click Yes



8-Next, make sure that a window will pop up to let you know, if interrupted (you close your Web browser instance) in Apache build process, which could result in data loss. Apache reconstruction in some cases can take 45 minutes up, so it is important to make sure you will have access to the entire period of the small southern. Once you understand these implications, and then click I understand.


9-You should simply look at a setup page that lists any errors if they encounter, and then after about 5 seconds it will automatically start the reconstruction process, and to tell you the status screen of this happening. Apache reconstruction may take up 45 minutes, please be patient, we must not close the Web browser in the process.


10-After compiling Apache and PHP and PHP configuration SuExec window will pop up, in this case, we just want to leave the current configuration of our default PHP versions (PHP file) is set to 5, PHP handler 5 is set to suphp and Apache’s suEXEC is set to on. So, you can simply click Close.


11-PHP should now be on the server upgrade, the easiest way to confirm that this update is done by creating a phpinfo () function; information page to see the PHP settings.
12-When you view your phpinfo (); page, you should now see the PHP version is 5.3.18, indicating that we choose to upgrade to, and build date should reflect today’s date.


You should now understand how to upgrade your server within southern EasyApache you use PHP version.