Introduction and activation key

If you want to use Windows at work and 10 to join a company domain (or use the Azure Active Directory to manage the PC), or if you want to use your home computer for remote access to the system at work, or if you want all of BitLocker Drive Encryption to protect your data, you want the Windows 10 Pro, but not Windows 10 Home version.

If you buy a new PC that comes with Windows 10 at home, you have to pay to upgrade to Pro. But if you begin with the Pro version of Windows 7 or 8 (it is Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows, 8,1 Pro for students), upgrade to Windows 10 should automatically get you the Pro version.

This will not happen if you do a clean installation of Windows 10, though, so in this case, you will still have to do an upgrade. You will need this key to activate Windows 10 in any case, after a clean installation, and the upgrade will happen when you fill in the key.

place upgrade

Check what version of Windows 10 you have and start your upgrade in Settings

Update occurs in the place, so that you will not re-install Windows, or reformatting your computer, or even recreate your account, so you do not need to take more than the usual precautionary measures for the application of a major upgrade (make history file is included, or that all your files are copied to another way to save all open files, and then close all applications running).

Open the application settings and under the system, you can either select About, and then click Change product key or upgrade Windows, or go directly to Update and security, and choose to activate.

The Windows activation section of Settings also lets you change the product key or buy an upgrade

If you already have Windows 10 Pro product key, or if you have a product key for one of the Pro version of Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 listed above, click Change Product Key and enter your key. Do not worry about putting in a dash or the use of capital letters – Windows will take care of that automatically when you enter text.

Type in your Windows 10 Pro product key, or the activation key for a Pro version of Windows 7 or 8

If you do not have a product key to enter, click Go to the store (you can go straight to the store and search for Windows 10 Pro, or even go on Bing and search “option to upgrade Windows 10 Pro” to get the link to the right page in the store).

If your computer seems to freeze or hang when you buy Windows 10 Pro in a shop, it may be because you do not see a safe screen where you must confirm that you want to update your system.

As a rule, you can press Alt-Tab, to switch to it, and accept the invitation. If not, check the User Account Settings control panel – you can temporarily change them not to notify, or to change back to the default Notify me only when an application attempts to make changes to my computer, which should show invitation normal.

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Modernization and Pro versions of

Confirm that you're ready to start the upgrade – with a fast internet connection, it only takes a few minutes

Windows, will warn you to save your files because the computer will restart; Click Start to upgrade when you’re ready. You will see a progress bar on the screen – you can carry on using the computer, but it will restart without warning, so you do not want to be in the middle of editing files when it happens.

The progress bar shows that the upgrade is happening but you don't get a warning before it reboots your PC

Update takes about ten minutes and then restart, which takes a few minutes, again with the progress bar, before you again on the login screen when you enter, you’ll see a confirmation that the update is completed; This is another notice KLA, and you can not do anything on your computer until you close it.

When your PC restarts, you'll be running Windows 10 Pro and Windows will confirm that you've upgraded

New Pro Features

Your account existing windows will be there, complete with files and applications installed, but you will find additional Windows 10 Pro features available. For example, you can delay updates Update Windows, including BitLocker, use the Group Policy Editor to change settings and run Hyper-V virtualization.

Don't want to install updates straight away? With Windows 10 Pro you can defer them for several months

Depending on what your company is established, you will be able to connect to the business network with direct access (instead VPN) on Windows 10 Pro. If you are using Azure AD to connect to the service, you will get a SSO for cloud applications that your company subscribes to – and if they created their own app store, you can use that will be available. You can also install Windows 10 PC Pro to run only a single application and a kiosk, if you want what is called Assigned access.

Once you've upgraded to Windows 10 you can turn on BitLocker whole disk encryption

There are other Windows 10 Pro Features that companies can turn when they arrive later this year, as well as Enterprise Data Protection that puts every business file in its own encrypted container. Those need management tools as Intune and System Center Data Protection. If these are your own files you want to protect, enable BitLocker to encrypt the entire disk

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