How To Submit An App To The App Store

The application is often an afterthought. However, make sure that you submit your application, the application of the correct storage (services included in our end-to-end development) is an important first step in order to make sure that the exposure, and entice a user to download.

This is why we made this step-by-step guide, submitted to the App Store. This guide contains all the necessary steps in order to correct an IOS APP to the App Store.


1۔ Project that is ready to submit and through Apple’s app store guidelines
2۔  effective Apple Developer Program Account (instead of the apple Developer Enterprise Program)
3۔   on a computer running Mac OS X, the
following are installed:
1۔   xcode
2۔  keychain access

Step Overview

Below you will find a list of guides, each of which describes how to do one of the steps that are required to submit an application.

1۔    Assemble applications store information to
2۔   reate the package identifier to
3۔   create a certificate signing request to
4۔   create an app store production certificate to
5۔   create a production configuration file to
6۔   create an App Store Listing
7۔   Create a publishing house
8۔   filled version information
9۔   submitted for approval of the
10۔  release version.

1. Assemble App Information

This is very important, and gather all of the information, you will need to submit, prior to the start of the process. More information here.

1۔   Calling attention to the
2۔   screen shots, you will need at least one for each supported device the size of the screen. The screenshot does not contain the
3۔   name of transparency can be seen in the application, the user
4۔   instructions are described in detail in your application’s features and functionality of the
5۔   keywords with a comma-separated keyword
6۔   support URL URL with your application support with the
7۔   URL in the URL marketing marketing information, your application, the optional
8۔   privacy policy URL URL containing your application’s privacy policy (optional
9۔   application icon, the icon will be used on the App Store and must be in JPG or PNG format with a minimum resolution of at least 72 DPI resolution, as well as in the RGB color space. It does not contain a layer or rounded corners.
10۔  Class 2-class classification is optional
11۔  rating build your rating is based on the questionnaire details here
12۔  Copyright by using the format YYYY company name
13۔  trade representative contact information will only appear in the App Store, the optional
14۔  demo account user name and password for a full access permissions to your application. Contains details of other accounts in the Notes field. ”
15. Create a package identifier
of the package identifier is the name of your application, as shown in the two app stores and the IOS device.

In your browser, navigate to the apple Developer Portal
click the identifier
click “” in the upper right corner
of the screen is the same as the Application ID,
please ensure that your application suite ID will follow standard naming conventions: com.yourcompanyname yourappname,
check for any application services application needs, please click “Continue” to
verify that the service is correct, then click the “Submit”
3. To create a certificate signing request to the
certificate signing request is used to connect the computer and the apple developer account.

To open a program call keychain access
in the top left hand menu, click the certificate assistant
click Request a certificate from a Certificate Authority…
user e-mail address: Please enter your e-mail address
common name: We recommend that you use the name of the application, the
CA e-mail does not actually need to
check save to disk, please click “Continue” to
save the certificate signing request to a later version
4. Create an app store production certificate
code signing certificate used to link to your Apple IOS application developer account.

In your browser, navigate to the apple developer portal
click the certificate ”
click” on the top right of your screen
click the App Store production
are named “App Store and ad hoc “in accordance with the production
Click to
upload the certificate signing request to create a previously
downloaded certificate
is a certificate installed on your computer, double-click the
Save this file is stored in a secure location

5. Create a Production Provisioning Profile

In your browser, navigate to the apple Developer Portal
1۔    please click on the configuration profile
2۔   click the “” in the upper right hand corner of the screen
3۔   click the App Store Distribution option, click “Continue” to
4۔   select the bundle has been created, please click continue to
5۔   select the certificate that you created earlier, click “Continue”
6۔   to ensure that the configuration file name will follow standard naming conventions: the name of the application App Store Distribution
7۔  Click to
8۔  download it to generate
9۔  a configuration file is installed on your computer, double-click the
10’Save this file is stored in a secure location

6. Create App Store Listing

Reserve a slot on the app store for your application, the user can see.

1۔    Start in your browser, navigate to the itunes connect
2۔    login,
3۔    click My application
4۔    click on the “” in the top left hand side of the screen,
5۔    click the new IOS APP”
6۔    bundle ID: select a created developer portal
7۔    to provide easy access to the matching SKU bundle ID Front Create
8۔   Click Create to create the first version listing

7. Make the release build

The actual binary packages, the user will be uploaded to the storage area.

1۔    Xcode starts to
2۔    open items or work space,
3۔    update the version and build number to
4۔    open the build settings
5۔    make sure that all the settings is selected
6۔    in the Code Signing
7۔    uses pre-built configuration file created earlier
8۔    using the code signing identity created earlier
9۔    in the top menu, select Universal IOS devices as part of the build target if there is no actual device
10۔  menu, Items,
11۔   click the distribution archive
12۔   log in to your apple developer account
13۔   to the App Store
14۔   Waiting for confirmation

8. Fill In Version Information

The user will have to decide if you want to install your application based on your stores.

Enter all of the information gathered in Step 1
Select the building you want to bind version (please note: This usually occurs after 10-15 minutes from the Xcode)
Complete pricing information,
click save
for any error, the information is displayed and save the changes.

9. Submit Version for Review

Each application is to be submitted to the storage have already been examined the apple team before release.

Select the release type
manual release – the application is accepted, a release button will appear
automatically release – once the application is accepted, it will be released
pending approval of
this process typically takes 2-3 weeks for a new submission
if your application is not approved, the review noted in the center, and make any necessary changes to the application or version information and re-submit the

10. Release

Enjoy the last and most satisfactory.

If you select manual, please click the Publish your application is ready,
wait for the green “available-for-sale version (this may take up to 1 hours to 1 days after release)
Search for your application on the app store to
When you submit a new version of your application, you only need to repeat steps 7 through 10.