How to Stop Facebook & Google From Tracking You
How to Stop Facebook & Google From Tracking You We will share the easiest trick , all from your Web History tracking stop Facebook and Google . The trick seems a little long, but if you properly understand a simple task .
OU all use Facebook? I know that the answer is yes ! However, this is not a problem. The question is how much do you know about Facebook? You know Facebook store all search history , and think you used to do all the real external cache or report ? I think you’ll say no. In fact , Facebook is infinite and Facebook is one of the most successful social networking site.

Why Facebook’s tracking of our history for the simple reason that they want you to follow their own interests to show ads , for example , if the TV on the Internet , users search for social networking and information will climb to show TV ads . Our purpose is not to frustrate you, but give you a tasty and respond to ads on Facebook. Many people are using this same system to display ads accessories .

So today I want to share the most simple trick , all from your Web History tracking stop Facebook and Google . The trick seems a little long, but if you properly understand a simple task . So, here there is no waste of valuable time is questionable part .

How to Stop Facebook From Tracking You

As I already said Facebook is tracking down your web history just to show you ads according to your own interest. So it will rarely frustrate many but if it still does follow this method.

Using AdBlocker 

Using AdBlocker
The tricky part is that you only need one Adblocker in your Facebook browser blocks to block inappropriate ads Facebook ads to add an extension to all the other top named Adblock Plus . It is an open source extension can be easily expanded simply click here to get this installed on their Google browser .

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Use Digital Advertising Alliance

There is an alternative , and can block Facebook ads and is tracking your browsing history in the Digital Advertising Alliance title stop Facebook just scroll down until you find the most effective way to flash cartridge

Digital Advertising Alliance


Just submit a report that you don’t want to share your privacy with others you can select a Facebook there I am sharing a screenshot that will clear you the later proc

Digital Advertising Alliance

Using Facebook Ads Settings

Facebook Ads Settings
You only need to click on this link and make sure that ” applications and websites advertising on Facebook and other companies close ” option has become a “no .” This way, you can stop your ads from displaying your preferences applications and Web sites shut down Facebook and other companies advertising on Facebook .

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How do I stop Google from tracking you

Google Ads Settings

You only need to visit the page advertising personalization and deselect the option ” You can also use your account Google account activity and information personalized advertising and data stored on these sites and applications in Google ‘s .”

Google Advertisement Settings


Now you will be shown a popup which will ask you to “Don’t include additional activity?” you just need to click on “Exclude” option.

Google Advertisement Settings

Google Activity

Step 1. The first step in order to do this is to log into Google Web and App, Activity Page. Now click on Gear icon which will open some options. Now Click on Activity Controls. 

Google Activity

Step 2. It will open your accounts history settings. You need to pause Web & App Activity, Location History, Device Information, Voice & Audio Activity, YouTube Search History on the page.

Google Activity