How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress Optimize marketing point of the most critical issues and viewpoints from the search engines. Because if you want to change your existence URL of the page , so that you are in this situation , there are so many responsibilities. Why do I say this because the infrastructure behind this change your entire site is the association with this particular URL will also interfere with the user and the view point of the search engine . Here today, we reveal some SEO factors , one of which is how to redirect the old URLs to the new URLs on your site to stop a 404 not found error .

Redirect the old URLs to the new URL in the WordPress :
I’m writing this especially for WordPress users. Secondly, what can what happened, this problem can also be the reason? Let me illustrate this from my perspective a little .

Let us assume that , if you change the specific page you a month before the date of publication of today ‘s URL. Now, what would happen ? First, Google has crawled this page, so it is obvious like a mirror , URL also climb in Google . We believe that if someone came to a user on your site through old crawl pages or URLs search engine, then what would be the page displayed on its screen ? For these users come to your site content pages or 404 page not found ? Apparently 404 was not found , because the old URL to this site no longer exists , because you change the URL and the user does not know at this time the new URL.

So that means that when someone comes to the user through the old pages to crawl your site , so they will not be able to reach them on the correct page. This means that , from your little wrong , you are losing a huge pile of organic traffic and also because of the trust users of this domain . Also it is a leak or hole in your site , Google or other search engines do not like or can not tolerate , which is why it may be in the search engine ranking reasons for the decline .

What is the Alternatives?

The straight forward alternative to resolve this issue is “Redirect Old URL to New URL” from this way user will be able to reach your new web page from both condition. Let’s suppose if you applied this redirection rule on it then the users who are coming on your site via old crawled web page will be automatically redirected to new URL, which you setup behind the website. So the next question should be from your side is “how to redirect OLD URLs to new URLs”. Before go to explanation, below described solution is just for WordPress but the above strategy can be happen for all non-WordPress sites too.

Step 1:

You need to install and activate this plugin namely Redirection, this plugin is use to manage 301 redirection and keeping track 404 error page, doesn’t matter you know coding or not. This plugin doesn’t need any coding or developers help.

Step 2:

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Redirection then add the URLs simply on which you want to apply this redirection rule.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress

Above you can see the two URL fields one for OLD URL and second for NEW created URL. That is the most simplest way to resolve this issue with in few minutes. As well as this plugin will record the hits, that how many times user comes on your New URLs via OLD URLs, whether it is from search engine or another external website.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress Image 2

The above can clearly see the old URL hits , this is just an example for a better understanding .

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