How To Make Single Name On Facebook Account – 2016.

Facebook every day to share our day’s events with the friends, family status or chat areas. Facebook is the biggest social media site with millions of users a day, simply because it has thousands of different characteristics and let Facebook amazing. Therefore, developers continue to try to find a defect, so that Facebook tips and funny prank. I’ve posted some of the amazing tricks like view locked Facebook profile picture, and so on. But some of them just spam may result in compromise your account. I always recommend only the skills provided by the well-known blog for each user. Always try to test the account, then the original ID. Now, here I’m going to share another amazing tricks to make a name for your Facebook account. According to the rules it is impossible to make a Facebook account has no name. However, if you want to use Facebook profile name, and then simply follow the steps without the use of my given name.

Step, so that a single name on Facebook Account

In order to make the article easier. I put this article into two parts, it will be easier to understand. In the first part, we will change our browser proxy settings, in the second part, we do our Facebook account list. Therefore, in accordance with the two parts carefully step by step.

Part 1: – browser proxy settings

  • If you can not add any proxy settings, and problems faced by, then I recommend downloading holla better Internet VPN.
  • In Firefox or Chrome extension installed holla, holla then open and search, and select the country of Indonesia.
  • So you do not need to manually add the proxy server automatically in the browser’s proxy settings.


  • The first to use a single name on Facebook. We need to add our browser proxy settings manually. Therefore, we need to use a proxy Indonesia in Google search it or find it from I suggest or any other site of your choice.
  • If you have proxy settings on your browser to use so it’s good for knowledge. If you do not know how to add the agent, then read how to add proxy server settings in your browser.14a


Part 2: – set up, so that a single Facebook account

  • After the proxy server settings manually operated or Hora extend its work to ensure that fines on Facebook.
  • Now, it’s time to create a name id to do this.
  • Open your Facebook account settings.
  • Change language Indonesian.
  • Then modify the current Facebook profile name and simply delete your last name. After that, check your name and save.
  • Your Facebook account is only after this name, you will see the hidden name.
  • After completing all the steps to manually remove the proxy on or off according to Hora and you change your language back to English (United States), or others.