How To Make a Banner in Photoshop For Advertisement.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to conduct a full range of advertising banner in Photoshop in a few easy steps. We will show you the process of creating a banner from scratch within minutes. We will do our best to make it universal, so you can use it to promote your almost any project.
How to make a banner, step by step tutorial in Photoshop
step 1


A banner advertising the most basic, the most common sizes are: 300×250 pixel ad. Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new file, greater than this. I use a simple grunge texture gray background.

Step 2


By using the Rectangle Tool (U), create a dark gray rectangle. As we said, it must be a rectangle 300 × 250 pixels. Application (# 343434) Outer Glow effect of it.

Step 3


App glow as well. Even though it looks a little fuzzy at the moment, Inner Glow would be a nice touch to our rectangle, when we finish it.

Step 4


We seamless (transparent) model applied to our shape. We want it to be almost invisible, which is why I set the blending mode: Soft Light and Opacity to 5%. I am using this mode is a part of it.

Step 5


We will work with the effects of stroke to complete the rectangle. It must be the size of 1px, and darker than our base color of the rectangle.

Step 6


Seize any decoration vector set you can find online. There are a lot of people for free on the Internet, there are a lot of elements. I use two of the same shape decoration I have found on the Internet, put them accordingly. For our title, we will use “free NEUE” font, 48 pixels. Apply shadow effects and titles ornamental shape as well.

Step 7


Grab the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U), set the Radius to 2 pixels, and create a 260 × 125 pixel shape. Apply shadow effect of it. You must repeat the shape twice, 1% and 2%, the second to reduce the size of the first.

Step 8


Enter some text using the “museum board” font (# 887e7e). Seize any 16 × 16 pixel icon from IconSweets2 set and put them accordingly. By using the line tool (U), create two subtle line (# e6e6e6), which will serve as a delimited text move.

Step 9


By using the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U), create the shape of a red (# dc4027). That will be our call to action buttons foundation. Apply shadow effect.

Step 10


Apply a subtle inner shadow effect. Set the opacity to 15%.

Step 11


Apply Apply the blend mode soft light gradient overlay effects. Set the Opacity to 35%.

Step 12


By increasing the influence of stroke Done button. The gradient fill type, so you can apply a dark red to a bottom portion and a bright button “Half-time.”

Step 13


Again using the “free NEUE” font button to enter some text. It can be what you want, I chose the “registration.” Apply some shadow text.

Step 14


If you want to get PSD file, you can get it here! :

Some “handwritten” added CTA button text under the Finish button. Use the “Chinese” and achieved a handwriting-like effect. It’s really easy to create an arrow as well. You have to create any shape, such as a slash, then use the “distorted text” function to achieve the desired result.