How to Install Xcode 7 on OS X El Capitan on VMware

Xcode 7 comes with all you will need to create a stunning and inventive applications for iphone, ipad, mac, apples and Apple Computer watch TV Platform. Use the new version of the rapidly, and can be easily updated and it is faster then ever before. It has many great features that enable you to easily create the code for the application. With the new playground, you can create a new API’s lab or create applications interact with the embedded resource, source code and comments. Xcode user interface test feature to record your application for real-time operation because it is automatically generated for you test to ensure the quality of the application.

Xcode provides you with a unified workflow and user interface/UX design, coding, testing, and debugging. Xcode IDE in the resourcefulness of the Framework and the language of the rapidly developing applications easier and more fun than ever before. It includes the IDE, rapid and objective C compiler, analytical tools, simulators and up-to-date tools. This is in addition to the hundreds of other powerful features, making it the ultimate tool to make your daily development work.

Steps to Install XCode 7 on OS X El Capitan on VMware

Step 1: Drag “Xcode.dmg” file to Your OS X on Virtual Machine

You can download xcode appstore. Turn on your OS X El Capitan in vmware then drag xcode 7.dmg file, vmware.

Step 2: Open DMG File on Virtual Machine

Step 3: Install Xcode 7 on El Capitan on VMware

Xcode open folder, and then drag the xcode file in the Applications folder.

Then, select Open launchpad xcode

Done! Now, Your XCode 7 working on OS X El Capitan on VMware


Xcode 7 on OS X El Capitan