How to install Microsoft Windows 7 | Step by step . Learn how to install Windows7 on a PC or laptop. This is a step-by-step method for beginners screenshots. You can be easily installed by following these steps Windows 7.

Windows Installation Overview 7

That’s what you need to install Windows 7

If you already have the ability to boot the CD / DVD, then you can skip this section. Otherwise, if you need to have Windows7 ISO download and then click. In addition, if you want to install Windows7 of USB flash drive and then boot can be produced by the following method

How to install Windows7 – step

Step 1. Turn on your computer and press “F2” continued. We have come up, and choosing the CD / DVD. Select this option. Windows will start loading files.


Step 2 Now, you’ll get Windows settings window. This is part of the choice of language window. Select “English”, and then click Next. In addition there will be a “Install Now” button. Click on it, and then proceed to the next step.


Step # 3 will have a licensing agreement. Check the “I accept”, and continue to the next. After that, there will be the option to install windows. “Upgrade” and “Custom.” Now we are installing a clean version, so please click Custom.


Step 4 In this step, you will make your drive partitions. Please note that this is the installation process is the most important part. Here you will allocate space for your drive. If you want to create a new drive, just click a drive, and then click “New.” The new drive will be created.


The fifth step when the drive you created, simply choose to install Windows in which the drive. Click on the “Format”, which clears all previous data on your drive. Click “Next” to continue.


Step 6 Now, your window will begin installing the files. A cup of coffee, wait a few minutes, and its installation. Do not plug or switch off the device during this process. This may cause interruption, you may lose your data, and the process begins all over again.


Step # 7 Now when your file is installed. Your computer will reboot, and now you will see is a “user settings” screen. Just add your name and password, enter “NEXT”


Step # 7 is now installed in your file. Your computer will reboot, and now you will see is a “user settings” page. Just add your name and password, enter “NEXT”


Step # 9 Now you have installed your windows. Windows-step guide to get the required information will be asked, such as time zone, time, and location updates for your computer. There are three types of locations. “Work”, “open” and “home.” Depending on your location choice on these people. It just adds a shared security based on your location.


The final step – Congratulations – you have your windows installed. Now you can see your desktop. It is simple to install on your desktop and enjoy!

windows-7-install-installed (1)

How to install window from usb, flash or pen drive

Start from the installation CD or USB flash drive Windows7

  1. Turn on the computer, the Windows7 installation disc or USB flash drive, and then turn off the computer.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Press any key when prompted to do so, and then follow any instructions appear.
  4. When you install Windows page, click Install Now to begin the installation process or click Repair your computer to access system recovery options.
  5. Follow the instructions.