If you want to increase your website, just one of the best factors that you can do is update your aged posts to preserve them related.

But if you are subsequent best procedures and updating your aged articles, it is a superior plan to explain to your site visitors that you’ve up-to-date the put up so that they know the articles is continue to related. This is a thing I have been utilizing on ShoutMeLoud for the earlier few of decades and it has been seriously practical to our visitors. In truth, two decades back, I did a situation research on the effects of showing dates on the website put up and also wrote this stick to up website put up. You should read through these two posts as it is instantly joined to your website Seo and will aid you draw in a lot more site visitors.

Receiving back to showing the previous up-to-date timestamp alternatively of last published:

The problem is, WordPress only displays the day when the put up was previous released, somewhat than when you most a short while ago up-to-date it, by default.

To take care of that situation, I’m likely to present a manual on how to show the previous modified day on a website put up alternatively of the released day or the modified day aside from the released day.

I’ll show you a several distinct strategies utilizing equally code and plugins. Though every method is relatively similar, there are some dissimilarities among them which I will point out.

How To Display Final Modified Date And Revealed Date At The Similar Time

With this method, you can display screen the initial released day, but quickly insert a previous modified day as perfectly (but only if you’ve really modified the put up right after publishing).

This is a superior approach for the reason that it displays the age of your put up, though also permitting visitors know that you’ve a short while ago up-to-date it.

To use this method, all you require to do is insert a code snippet to your WordPress internet site.

Though you can normally insert this code snippet instantly to the capabilities.php file in your kid theme, I advocate utilizing the free Code Snippets plugin for the reason that it will make it easier to preserve observe of factors afterwards on. It also makes sure, if you ever switch themes, that your new theme will carry on to display screen the previous modified day.

When you install and activate Code Snippets, go to Snippets → Incorporate New in your WordPress dashboard.

Then, paste this code snippet into the Code box:

purpose show_previous_modified_day( $articles )
$initial_time = get_the_time('U')
$modified_time = get_the_modified_time('U')
if ($modified_time >= $initial_time + 86400)
$up-to-date_time = get_the_modified_time('h:i a')
$up-to-date_working day = get_the_modified_time('F jS, Y')
$modified_articles .= '

This put up was most a short while ago up-to-date on '. $up-to-date_working day . '


$modified_articles .= $articles
return $modified_articles

insert_filter( 'the_content', 'show_previous_modified_date' )

Decide on the box for Only operate on internet site entrance-conclusion. Then, click Help you save Modifications and Activate at the bottom:


Here’s what the code does:

  • Checks to see if the post’s previous modified day is a lot more latest than its released day.
  • If the previous modified day is a lot more latest, it shows a message saying that the put up was up-to-date.

You can see an case in point of this beneath:

Example of last modified

If wanted, you can modify the text that shows right before the modified day by editing the “This put up was most a short while ago up-to-date on” text in the code snippet.

If you are at ease with CSS, you can also insert your own CSS styling to make the modified day a lot more apparent.

How To Display Final Modified Date On Website Article With A Shortcode

If you want to stay clear of the require to use a code snippet, there is also a free plugin at WordPress.org that will make it effortless to display screen the previous modified day of your posts via a shortcode.

The downside of this approach in comparison to the previous method is that you have to manually insert the shortcode to every put up exactly where you want to display screen the previous modified day.

But the advantage is that it is really effortless to use.

To get started off, install and activate the free Final Modified Timestamp plugin.

Then, insert the [previous-modified] shortcode to the put up exactly where you want to show the previous modified day, as perfectly as an optional message right before or right after the day.

For case in point, if you input a thing like this on the backend…

Last modified shortcode example

…it will look like this on the frontend of your internet site:

Last modified shortcode example on frontend

How To Display Final Modified Date On All Website Posts With A Plugin

For a further code-free possibility, there is a free plugin referred to as Article Up to date Date.

Compared with the Final Modified Timestamp plugin from the previous area, there aren’t any shortcodes associated with this plugin.

As a substitute, as shortly as you activate the plugin, it starts off performing.

Here’s what it appears to be like right after you activate the plugin:

Post updated date example

The only potential downside of this plugin is that it displays the previous up-to-date day no matter what.

The code snippet that I showed you in the initially area only appears if you modify the put up right after its publish day. But with this plugin, the previous modified day will continue to seem even if it is the identical as the publish day.

You can see this in the case in point beneath:

Post updated date example

For that reason, make guaranteed that you are alright with this features if you come to a decision to use this plugin method above the code snippet I shown earlier.

How To Replace Final Revealed Date With Final Modified Date

So considerably, all the strategies that I’ve demonstrated you have dealt with showing the previous modified day of a put up in addition to the initial publish day.

But what if you want to entirely replace the publish day with the previous modified day?

Well, it is achievable, but it is really hard to give a tutorial on for the reason that you have to edit your theme’s template documents instantly and each and every theme handles showing put up dates a minor in different ways.

This method is superior for the reason that it only displays the most latest day to lookup engines.

But except if you know a minor bit about PHP now, I do not advocate trying this method by on your own.

Still want to carry on?

If you sense at ease digging into your theme’s template documents and have a latest backup of your internet site, discover the line of code exactly where your theme outputs the publish day and replace it with this:

$u_modified_time = get_the_modified_time('U')
if ($u_modified_time >= $u_time + 86400)
echo "Final up-to-date on "
the_modified_time('F jS, Y')
echo ", "
else echo "Posted on " the_time('F jS, Y') ?>

This code will show:

  • Posted on…[day] for posts that have not been up-to-date
  • Final up-to-date on…[day] for posts that you have up-to-date

For case in point, here’s how that appears to be when I edited the default 20 Seventeen theme:

Show Last Modified Date

And here’s how it appears to be on the frontend of my internet site:

Show Last Modified Date in blog post

Again – this is undoubtedly an state-of-the-art method. Each theme handles publishing dates in different ways, so except if you know the basic principles of PHP, you will battle to employ this for your own theme by on your own.

Which Method Must You Use On Your Web page?

For most bloggers, I assume the initially method is the best for the reason that it is flexible and also relatively effortless to employ.

If you want a thing more simple, equally the plugins are solid possibilities, though they aren’t as flexible.

And if you are at ease editing your theme’s template documents instantly, the previous method allows you only show a one day, somewhat than showing equally the previous released day and the previous modified day.

Have you attempted any of these strategies? Which did you discover to be the best to employ? Enable me know in the feedback!

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