Learn how to make a sub-menu of the website at your Joomla 3. 

If your site structure, you need to have this sub-menu item can create a drop-down menu for your site to be processed Joomla3. In the latest version of Joomla, you can create a drop-down menu item to create a common menu items the same way. The only difference is that your selection process a parent menu item. In our example below we will create a drop-down menu item computer, in the main menu item of our products.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Create a drop-down menu Joomla
  • Create an empty parent menu

Create a drop-down menu Joomla:

First, you need to access your Joomla 3 administrative regions, enter the menu -> Main Menu -> Add new menu items.


Now you need to select the menu item type. In this example, we will tell you how to get the drop-down menu link to open a separate Joomla articles. To do this, click on the button next to the menu item to select the type of label.


Favorites menu item with an existing folder will appear. Select article category, select an article.


Now, you have to select you want to link to the actual article. To do this, first click next to select the label of the selection button.


Once more to do with all of your articles will appear favorites. Select the link and click on one of its titles.


The next step is to enter the title of the menu item. To do this, fill in the fields next to the menu title tag. In our tutorial, we will create a sub-menu called the computer.


Now the important part – to find the parent project tab, then click the drop-down menu next. Now, our choice to create a new menu item menu. As we have in the first paragraph, for the purposes of this tutorial, we will select the menu item parent of an existing product.


Finally, in the upper left part of the page by clicking the green Save button.


Only! Now you can browse to your website front end and hover over the product menu. You will find appear under the new menu item.


Create an empty parent menu:

Under normal circumstances, you do not have to load a particular page, but just a container group together several menu items parent menu. There is no standard menu type of Joomla3 empty menu elements, but fortunately there is a workaround. Basically, you need to create a main menu item above, below, the same procedure until you have to choose the menu item type description. This time, instead of “single article”, you need to choose a system link -> External URL.


In the next screen, you need to fill out the hashtag symbol – the link field “#” and save the menu.


That way, you can now add child elements, the menu, because the first part of the explanation in the tutorial. URL menu in the product itself will not change to a different page, but it will only show a sub-menu.