How to Create a WordPress Page and add content in it.

Creating a WordPress page is very similar to creating a post. Just remember, the page for static content.

Creating a WordPress page

1. To begin adding a new page, your WordPress site and found WordPress dashboard navigation menu page menu. Click Add New.

Web editor WordPress look almost the same post editor, in addition to a few boxes on the right side of the screen.

page-content area-webtoasts-wordpress

2. Add the title of the page, like it. NOTE: If you have set up pretty permalinks, title of the page will also address plug.

3. Next, add some content.

4. The page editor published part is exactly the same writing posts. When you’re ready to publish, you can immediately publish, save this is a draft, or cause to be published later pages.

5. The parent page and page properties section template to a new page. For Father’s Day, you can arrange your pages into a hierarchy. For example, you can create a different additional pages with this new page. There is no limit to how many levels can be nested page.

6. Some WordPress themes have a custom page template, so the template part Save allows you to apply a template to your new page.

7. finishing boxes, you can use the numeric order page. Pages are usually arranged in alphabetical order, but you can enter a number in this field, to choose their own orders.

8. Preview the page one last time, and then click Publish. You add a new page to your WordPress website.