How to connect to MySQL with Navicat

You can connect to your server using navicat MYSQL DATABASE. Navicat is a remote MYSQL DATABASE tool that allows you access to your local database from your home computer. Connection to the navicat you will need to download the software. We will download the following versions:

Download and Install Navicat

You can download navicat through the following web site. This version is a trial version. Navicat not free, no need to pay for the Try and delete from your installation.

once your executable, it is saved to your computer. Click the Setup icon to install navicat.

Add your IP to Remote MySQL

You can then get navicat connection, you will need to add your IP remote MYSQL connection.

To do this, you can log in to the remote MYSQL DATABASE cpanel click on the icons below.

Add the IP remote MYSQLADD add your IP host, then the AD host.
For more detailed information on how to do this, please refer to our article Setting Up a Remote MYSQL connection in cpanel.

Steps to connect to your database with Navicat

  1.  Navicat open.
  2. Click the Connect button to connect to the navicatclick button in the top right corner of the screen navicat
  3. Click the Test Connection of navicatenter your database connection credentials.

Database Credentials

4.  The connection name: The name that you want to
host name/IP Address: use your domain name or the IP address of your cpanel
Port: 3306
User Name: Your cpanel user or user-created database
password: He cpanel or create a user password,

5.  click Test Connection.

Successfully connected to the navicatyou successfulpop should get together.
If not, you will need to check the IP of the remote MYSQL or check your user name and password that you are using. You may also need to use the IP instead of your domain.

6.  Click “OK”.
7.  Again, click the “Finish” navicatclick Ok to accept the connection settings.
8.  The navicatyour view the database connection is displayed in the left pane that lists the name of the database. Click one of the database, see the table below.
9.  View the navicatnow database table you can see all the options, navicat. The table will list in the main window.