Like you have a wireless network, EVO, PTCL broadband wireless Internet service? You know how many people are using your internet? if not! Then you are in the right place here will teach you how to check who is using your WiFi freely without your permission. You may notice that your neighbor’s Internet service, without any source of time as broadband or other Internet services.

You know how he is using the Internet? In fact, he was using your Internet without your permission :). Surprise! But it is true, maybe he is using WiFi or others.

There are many ways to get people out of the WiFi password. If you are interested in learning how to make someone else’s WiFi password, then you need to read the simplest way to break free wireless network password, how can we do this.

This method is applicable to all Internet service providers, such as PTCL broadband, DSL, EVO, TPLINK or other ISP’s.

  1. The first thing you need to first enter “” into the address bar to log on to your Internet service provider account.
  2. A pop-up will appear, which will require you to enter a user name and password.
  3. If you have an older device, then the default user name and password is “admin”.
  4. If you are using a new device, and then your user name is “admin” and the password will be written on the back of the router.
  5. After a successful login click the Device Info button.
  6. Now click on “DHCP”, how many people will be using your wireless connection to you. As Figure bellows :). Do not miss to see how to improve the WiFi client to limit the scope of PTCL.14
  7. In my case, you can see who is using my wireless network 4.

If these are your user is authorized, then you do not need to worry. If you find any anonymous user or an unauthorized person, then you have to change your WiFi password so strong, so no one can break it. Therefore, you must want to read how to change the wireless network password to change the password PTCL broadband wireless networks.