How To Change Name On Facebook Before 60 Days After Limit – 2016.

Facebook chat or do other activities with friends and the best places to interact. Facebook is the Internet the best way to spend extra time. We can easily know what is the trend and viruses. Basically, we use Facebook to share state, the image forming our memories. However, the use of Facebook, we have to increase it by Facebook needs to better user experience for some personal information. We add personal details, such as biology, status, date of birth and use of profiles on our name. Therefore, it would be easy to find someone us on Facebook.
Every Facebook user has, for example, we want our friends to do the same intention comments, like our status and image. In the same way, we use different types of names to make the profile unique and attractive. Because I’ve posted a trick on the development of a single name Facebook account. This is from a long time the great work. However, the problem we face on Facebook is that we can not change the name of limitations after 60 days. Facebook also provided on the official form Change the profile name after crossing the limit. However, new problems are emerging Facebook is that we could not even if we did it 60 days before the name change.

To change the name of the first 60-day limit Facebook

  • First, enter the “Account Settings” and then click “Edit Name” and confirm the presence or absence of the current limit.
  • If the limit will attend the name can not be clicked and there should be restrictions on name changes and it looks like a note.
  • Check out the limits, if you want to continue to change the name, then click here
  • Click the Continue button. This link is actually to protect and restore the account hacking. Therefore, we will use it to restore our account, which will allow us to change the name in a further step.
  • Any other information to change your account password, and do not need to be changed, such as e-mail, phone number, etc.
  • They will continue to demonstrate you’ve recently changed the name of the same account.
  • Then, all the names previously used to display and select any available are listed by name.

Note: – whenever you want, but the limitation is that we can not be able to use the new name to use this method, you can change the name of an unlimited period of time. So, if you want to use the new name, then you can try the Application Form. Leaving only the front part is you do not want 60-day waiting period to change the name or use a new name.
I hope you enjoy the first 60 days on Facebook change the name of this trick, do not forget to share with others this.