How to Change Joomla Admin Language?

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to change your Joomla admin panel language. Note that you can install multiple languages and change the settings for each user.

First of all, the first time you log in to your Joomla administration area. Next, go to Extensions -> Language Manager, open the list of languages installed for your site.


In this page, you will see all the available languages. In a default installation, you should only see English. When you add multiple translation to press the button at the top of the installed languages, the left part of the page.


Now, you will see the available translations, your application will be from Joomla offiicial of Joomla extensions directory listing. This means that these packages are safe, you can safely use them. Since Joomla is an open source application, these translations are community-driven. This means that you can see that they are not complete, and some people may really notice.

To continue, please select the language (search feature is very handy here), and then press the Install button. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will change the management area Bulgarian language.


Within seconds, the new language pack will be installed into your application. Now, you just need to make it part of deault site you want. In our example, we want to change the language management. Select Install – Administrator tab from the left column, then click on the button with the star icon next to be set as the default language (in our case – Bulgaria).


That way, your new Joomla admin panel will now install and select a language.