Archive chat feature allows you to hide your chat screen dialogue and future visits, if necessary. You can archive chat groups or individuals, in order to better organize your conversations.

Note: Using archiving does not delete chat chat chat will not be backed up to iCloud. Archive chat only applies to iOS7 or later devices.

To archive Chat

  1. On a chat screen, you want to archive the chat over the finger from right to left.
  2. Click Archive.

You can WhatsApp Settings> Chat> Archive to archive all chats all chats.

To view chat history archive

  1. On the Chat tab, scroll to the top, then pull down.
  2. Click archived chats.

To unarchive chat

When you receive a new message archive chats will be archived from the chat. Contact name or message, you can manually search for the appropriate contact unarchive chat:

  1. Archive chat screen, slide your finger across the chat, from right to left.
  2. Click Cancel archiving.


  1. In the chat tab, click on the search bar.
  2. Type the name of the chat, or you wish to cancel the archive chats famous.
  3. Across the chat you wish to cancel archiving, slide your finger from right to left.
  4. Click Cancel archiving.