How to add products to PrestaShop.

In this section, you will learn how to add products to your PrestaShop.

First, we will show you how to create a new product category, your shop. To do this, log into your administration area and go to the directory tab. Press the “Add a new subcategory” button.


On the next page, you must add information to your category. Please note that if you have a multi-language application, you should press on the icon to add the language that you have installed all languages. Once you are ready, press the “Save” button will be added categories.


Now, you can add certain products to the newly created category. Re-enter the directory page, and then click the Categories table “Example category” link.


Click to add products to selected categories “to add a new product.” The next page, you should enter the details for your product – the name, image, price, attributes and so on. Once ready, or you can click on the ‘Save and stay “or” save and return to the catalog “button, depending on where you finish entering product information. Once you save and enable it, the product will be available for your visitors to buy.


Now you can, whenever you want to add as many product categories and products to your online store.