Local businesses and other organizations some pages may qualify for verification gray badge. If you are an administrator, in your web qualifications, you will see on your Settings page this option. To validate your pages, you can use the phone number or business document your business listing (for example: telephone charges). We will only use this information to verify your page.

To verify your page:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your page
  2. From GM, click page verification
  3. Click Verify this page, and then click Start
  4. Enter a publicly listed telephone number for your business, your country and language
  5. Click Call me now let Facebook gives you a verification code to call
  6. Enter the 4 digit code, then click Continue (to continue)

If you like the business documents to verify your page, follow the steps above, click Verify this page files rather than at the bottom left of the display window, and then upload pictures show an official document of your business name and address of .

We received your verification code or business documents, we will review your information, public records to confirm their matches in a few days and sent to your e-mail notification or on your verification status. Remember, you do not need to verify your page.