Western Digital has announced shipping of a new HGST Ultrastar HE10, which is the world’s first ever 10 TB PMR (perpendicular magnetic recording) hard disk.

This is the third generation of helium drive WDC, 2TB offering more space than the largest disk (8 terabytes) from the previous generation failed. It will be available as a separate disk or as part of an active archiving system in HGST.

These massive capacity drives are directed to the center and use enterprise data, forward movement of the public and private cloud solutions, but will have an impact on consumers too, in terms similar Netflix to quickly to build capacity and to keep end users streaming video smoothly.

Tide big data

10 TB drives will also help in the fight against the tide of a large data – set to surge as more devices come online creating more data from new smartphones Internet of Things devices – which threatens absorb the business. As we have discussed before, the world is effectively running out of space to store data.

Of course, size is not everything, but these drives are also designed to perform in terms of reliability and energy efficiency. Ultrastar HE10 boasts 2.5 million MTBF rating, which is claimed as the highest reliability rating of all of the current drive, and it provides a guarantee for five years, as you’d expect from this class of disk.

This helium in the drive also uses 56% less watts per TB than traditional air-filled hard disk, so that certainly did not disappoint in fractions of efficiency.

John Rydning, research vice president, IDC commented: “HGST continues to lead the industry in providing the next highest hard drive capacity for enterprise applications, from 4 TB, the 6TB, 8TB, and now 10TB capacity-optimized enterprise hard drives

. ” HGST Ultrastar New TB 10 HE10 will help meet the demand for higher capacity and higher density racks in corporate data centers “

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