HGST and Commvault ready to launch a new cloud backup solution that provides the best total cost of ownership of any product from there.

, released earlier today, the active system Archive HGST combined by CommVault Simpana brings in a scalable backup solution that offers instant access and low cost of TB in any cloud-scale data backup product.

“In certifying our HGST Active Archive system Simpana software suite CommVault, customers have access to high-availability system simply-to-scale storage facilities that hits the economy traditional cloud infrastructure provides enterprise backup, “said Barbara Murphy, vice president of marketing, cloud infrastructure division, HGST.

as an archive medium, the two offer a solution that can grow to multi-petabyte scale, while maintaining an incredibly low total cost of ownership and the ability to obtain instant access to your data at any time.

storage facility all the rage

storage object type offered Western Digital, owned by HGST is one of the most popular destinations in the storage sector and a way to ensure the ability of low cost. You can also combine the flash storage object to bring levels of performance, optimized and capacity optimized storage Scale.

and active archive system HGST and Commvault Simpana software is available now and can be obtained as a single product through HGST partners.