Some of us, four-legged friends included, then some bad luck once in a while. Some of these are harder than others. A good friend of mine, TurboRoo, has an interesting story to share, and a new campaign to help others in his situation.

Turbo was taken to a veterinarian in 2014, to give up for adoption. He was 4 weeks old and was born without front legs. Fortunately, he was admitted to the amazing Ashley Ray. Watching Turbo try to do without front legs bother them that they built him a cart of toy parts. Turbo has received a lot of press, and then aerospace engineer in San Diego trying to help his magic 3D-printer. He made his cart, turning Turbo from TurboRoo, the world’s first puppy to get 3D-printing wheel.

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The couple who took TurboRoo still messing around with 3D-printing, along with the printing shop 3D in Denver, and announced a project called “Pawsthetics”, and they want to help all the different species that could benefit from 3D- printed part.

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