Security experts have discovered a rogue malware with Cisco routers enterprise, which is retained even after the router has been restarted.

Team Mandiant in found SYNful Knock implant business routers in four different countries in the investigation it realized that it is different from the malware found on many consumer routers, since it does not disappear when the device is restarted.

“Search backdoors on your network can be a challenge; to find the router implant, the more,” FireEye-company explained to . “Influence find this implant in the network is severe and is likely to indicate the presence of other points of reference or compromised systems. This backdoor provides ample opportunity for the attacker to spread and compromise other hosts, and critical data, using it as a very cautious bridgehead.”

The implant itself of a modified Cisco IOS image and Mandiant believes that malware has made its way to the router is not because of the vulnerability, but because of the failure or stolen administrative powers. Changes in the firmware image was such that they were made specifically to keep the size identical to what it was before, and therefore avoid detection.

Once it is on your router firmware to create a password for Telnet and console access, and does not listen to the exact commands in TCP, and SYN packets.

no longer on the market

Cisco 1841 8211 and 3825, “Integrated Services Routers” suffering, which is usually used by enterprises or providers of managed network services, and firmware so far have been found in 14 routers in Mexico, Ukraine, India and the Philippines. None of the models should be noted, however, continue to sell Cisco.

This news will be a worry for Cisco and the business as a whole because any router hacks are able to allow attackers to snatch a high level of control over network traffic, the ability to connect users to fake sites and attack any other devices that are connected to the router .