Hackers Find A Way To Recover Banned Twitter Accounts

Hackers Find A Way To Recover Banned Twitter Accounts A group of hackers have found a way to recover and take has been previously suspended microblogging itself, however , they make no public control over the activity of the Twitter account . Specifically, it has been called ” the Spanish team ” who managed to reactivate the account has been banned group occurred in the last few hours.

Hackers Find A Way To Recover Banned Twitter Accounts

A problem with which the person in charge of most of what we know social networking platforms are most concerned about is the means to hurt others to make some users of these vices. This is why the software developers from time to time to make their own account using the platform to ensure that various changes,

as far as possible, privacy and comfort. It is worth, how is this possible, otherwise known as social network also affect the Blue Jays, Twitter on. Therefore, it is worth noting that, when the account of this social network is considered offensive to other users, simply prohibit the use of its general rules. However, in the past few hours, a group of hackers

make it public, and claim that they have found a way to recover and take control of the already suspended by Twitter itself previously inactive accounts. Specifically, it has been called “the Spanish team” who is trying to reactivate the group has been banned, such as @ Hitler, @ DarkNet @ Hell, @ LizardSquad etc. accounts occurred in the last few hours. On the other hand, inactive Twitter accounts such as @ AK47, @ megaupload @ 1337 and was also found to be suddenly activated.

It is said that one of the main objectives of this action is none other than trying to sell accounts “resurrected” to those users who are willing to pay an amount of money to have a valuable account and with great impact on network social. But it seems that it does not end here, as it is speculated that the aforementioned group of hackers were able to do many more things related to this fact as well as “just” recovering the old banned accounts.

Although at the moment the hacker group “Spain Squad” has managed to reactivate the Twitter accounts that were suspended, yes, the dead accounts again gained life, hence, it draws attention and have also managed to gain users thereof and thus take control and turn them into active accounts, as if a conventional account in question. So far the group has only demonstrated this capacity officially, although there is talk that they are again preparing new actions of this kind.

Currently , how they are implemented , account access details in the taboo is not entirely clear, but it is certain that , if the hacker organization can implement this “trick” , the action can be quite lucrative as they are in the past , they have come to pay thousands of euros to take certain Twitter account control.