Obtained a Samsung Galaxy S-brand name handset or a Galaxy Note system? Want boosted audio? Samsung’s got an app for that…

Samsung has just produced its SoundAssistant app for Galaxy handsets. The app is intended to enhance the over-all seem general performance on your mobile phone.

SoundAssistant offers you additional command in excess of the seems you mobile phone performs you can tune factors to your liking and enhance factors like bass response for when you are listening to tunes.

The app also options a floating equaliser for supplemental high-quality-tuning to seem. I like to mess around with equalisers to get the very best achievable seem from my speakers, so getting this aspect on my mobile phone is alternatively interesting.

You can also set up SoundAssistant so that particular person apps have different seem profiles, which include quantity. For occasion: you can assign complete quantity to the Bluetooth receiver in your motor vehicle, so when you get in the quantity is often set to max-output.

Further than this, you can system factors around days, dates and instances – this factor is referred to as Situations. Mainly, it usually means you can set factors to vibrate or silence through particular time periods, like when you are at get the job done or in mattress.

To be genuine, this app appears rather darn interesting. Samsung’s software is ordinarily Terrible, but SoundAssistant basically appears alternatively handy – it is absolutely something I would use.

SoundAssistant is now accessible within the Google Perform Retail outlet, so you won’t even have to indication up for a Samsung Apps account to get it! Bonus!