Heaps, an application that helps each group to connect with other groups and find the hand, goes beyond his native Denmark, starting in Los Angeles.

Start also announces that it has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from investors, including billionaire Ron BURKLE, musician and producer Steve Aoki, Logan Paul Vine star Gary Vaynerchuk in Weiner / RSE and EDM promoter Paul Campbell.

The Director General Niels Hangaard gave me a very specific history of origin. He said the idea came Tuesday night in Copenhagen when he and his friends had dinner together in one of their apartments. They noticed a group of girls having a dance party in the building across the street. Naturally, Hangaard and his friends wanted to join, but there was no way to reach them, “If you do not want to throw stones at the windows.” Instead, they end up going to the bar for a “just another dull night out.”

Subsequently, Hangaard and his friends (who became his co-founders) asked himself: “Why do not you have a platform where you can meet like-minded people, especially people in groups?”


So with Heaps, users can create a group of friends (which may be all male, all female or mixed gender), a list of their current state, and then connect with other groups of friends – say, if you have a party and are looking for to find more visitors, or if you are going and hoping a lot of people. For example, Hangaard said he used the app to invite more women to the fact that previously all-male New Year’s Eve party.

The general idea sounds similar to the recently released in New York the launch team. As Squad, the emphasis is on communication and group parties, and did not meet. Hangaard not against the idea that Heaps could lead to a romantic connections, but he said that these types of group meetings are much more natural interaction than one-on-one period.

“If I meet someone I like, it’s a natural way to get to know them,” he said. “Because when you’re in a group, as soon as you connect and communicate, when to meet, there are a lot of guys who you can talk, but you can just have fun. It is safe, because you are always with friends” .

Heaps launched in private beta in Denmark at the end of last year, with the team Hangaard to focus on promoting the application on college campuses and attracting 75,000 registered users so far. Although currently focused on the launch of Los Angeles, the app IOS (Android version should start within a few weeks) can be used by anyone in California.

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