GoPro Hero4 session looks Polaroid Cube. It is hard to deny otherwise. In the world of action cameras, the two cameras look like twins separated at birth, which was raised by a cheerful family that toured the VW Microbus and others sent to a preparatory school, where athletics were emphasized and fraternal orders.

Manufacturer Polaroid Cube clearly feels something like C & Marketing GoPro sued for illegally copying the design Cube. The cube was originally released in 2014 and C Marketing received the patent in May 2015, two months before the release of GoPro Hero4 session.

GoPro has been issued several patents in the European session and US patents in the case of the session in March. It says that it is used for another US patent for last year’s session.

Clones that itself GoPro maintained for many years. Amazon and Ebay are filled with cameras that look very much like the GoPro cameras including Hero4 session. Other large companies such as Sony and Garmin have forged various design identity for the actions of their cells.

GoPro worked Hero4 session within three years, according to CEO Nick Woodman, GoPro privately run camera while playing GoPro mountain.

Past the design of the cube, the Cube and Polaroid GoPro Hero4 session to share little in common. Session shoots video resolution and frame rate higher. GoPro Camera also do not need to be a waterproof case. Polaroid cubic needs business to survive a dip in the pool. Cube retails for $ 99 and $ 150. GoPro Hero4 session is $ 299

“Session is not like GoPro, we are used to. We have tried to make the smallest, lightest, most comfortable GoPro we could imagine. It is waterproof out of the box,” said Forester in TechCrunch Disrupt SF in September of Hero4 session. When asked how the meeting was to sell, he said, “Everything is going well. This is not what you would expect because of [power] Silver and Black”, noting that it sells on the best-selling cameras in the world, Hero4 black and silver.

C & A received exclusive rights to sell branded Polaroid cameras in 2009 after the bankruptcy of Polaroid.

News of the lawsuit helped GoPro’s share price in the closing of 2% on the day. Currently it is trading at $ 25.02 per share, to the north of it all the time low price of $ 24.84 per share.