Possible hack avoid traffic citation :. The ride in the car with the driver not

Police in Mountain View, California, on Thursday pulled through self-driving Google for obstructing traffic -., But without the actual driver was not one to bring

In a statement issued after a traffic stop, the police department said the officer noticed the traffic backed up behind a slow moving car moving at 24 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour zone.

Under state law, Google autonomous vehicles may only travel up to 35 miles per hour, in accordance with the Police Department was the speed limit on the street self-drive car was stopped on Thursday

The car has a bench seat style. – No steering wheel, the pedals are not. Collectively, prototypes still contained more than 1 million miles and in accordance with Google includes 11 small accidents that have resulted in no injuries.

self-driving car prototype of Google.

Tony Avelar / AP

California requires someone to sit in the “driver’s” place of autonomous vehicles, but lawmakers are still working according to the laws for drivers of cars. Mountain View officer on Thursday asked the passengers of the car was the choice of speed on certain roads, and educate them about the laws of the state of the road.

Google, based in Mountain View, and in constant contact with the police on his own -Driving cars, responded to stop movement on his own blog: “?. Driving too slow Bet people stopped for that too often “

Tech giant went on to explain that the distinctive bubble cars in the sum of 25 miles per hour for safety reasons.

“We want to feel friendly and affordable than frightening scale through the neighborhood streets,” the company said. “As the officer, people sometimes the US flag when they want to learn more about our project.”

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