Digital Assistant Google, it becomes much more intelligent to give answers to simple questions. Giving him the ability to understand the semantics of the search engine, Google is now able to handle more complex queries.

“Now we can break down a request to understand the semantics of each piece … so that we can get to the intentions of the whole issue,” the statement said Google. “This allows us to pass the knowledge graph is much more reliable to find the correct facts and make a useful answer.”

Google is now able to handle issues that are associated with superior, ordered products, a reference to a particular time and a complex combination.

What you can ask Google?

When you’re stumped on trivia night, and if the rules allow for the digital assistant to be your partner, you can push Google, to tell you, “which is the largest city in Texas,” or “What songs Taylor Swift record in 2014. “

Asking Google’s roster of Royals in 2013 to return the results page with the members of the team in 2013, not the current Registry. You can also ask more complex questions like “Who was the president of the United States when the Angels won the World Series.”

Business users conduct research online can save time with Google, smarter search. Improved search could mean fewer requests to achieve the desired result.

For example, before you were two separate questions, to find out who was the president of the United States, when Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim won the World Series. You would have to ask Google for the first year, the Angels won the World Series, and then ask who was the president of the United States this year. Now you can combine both of these questions in a single query.

Google says it is constantly working to improve its search engine, and errors will be on the process.

“Ask Google” Who was the mother of Dakota Johnson in the movie? “And we will respond to the films real life mother of Melanie Griffith Dakota Johnson, is not an actor Jennifer Ehle, who played the mother of Charles Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey movie,” admitted the search giant.

Improvements to how search Google analyzes your questions have been implemented at the end of Google, so the update is not required. Users will be able to ask more complex questions on the Internet through the Google search engine on iOS or through Google now serve on the devices Android.

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