It should be easier to work in the digital world, but unfortunately with placeshifting, keeping track of what has been in conjunction with you can sometimes be more burdensome than someone having to go to your office and give you a stack of papers to review.

Google updated its Google Drive app to make sharing easier. Instead of having to dig into your email inbox to find out what to share with you, iOS and Android Apps are now available with Push-notifications to alert you when you have a new file that was shared with you.

You can also click on the notification to go directly to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides file. Mobile users can also request access to open files, and owner of the file can also provide access from their mobile devices.

to recover lost invitation

Google also updated its calendar application to view and restore all of your damage events and invitations. Now, when you delete a calendar event, it looks like a moving event in the trash or recycling. As long as you do not throw out your trash can, you can quickly see that you have removed from your calendar.

“Garbage is available from the dropdown calendar under My calendars, as well as the Calendar settings,” according to a blog post Google. “This functionality is available for both the primary and secondary calendars, calendars, for which people have the right to edit.”

If you delete a calendar entry for the first time, Google will send you a letter warning you that your “event has been moved to the Trash” together with details of the new function.

Items in the trash for Google Calendar will be archived for thirty days. During this time, you can either permanently delete the item or you can recover deleted items, Google said in a statement.

Unlike updates to applications Drive, calendar function Web-only at this time. Hopefully, Google will also update your Calendar application for Android firmware and better integration of debris.

For companies deploying applications Google, Google also gives IT administrators access to dumpsters members researching magazines Calendar of audits in the Admin Console.

Google said the feature may take several days to fully deploy to all users.

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