A products specs site for Google WiFi, the company’s hockey puck-formed router, is suggesting that the system might quickly be geared up with a camera. 

The discovery comes courtesy of Phandroid (via: UberGizmo), which recognized the inclusion on the Google WiFi’s Item Overview site.  

Next to fewer controversial specifics these types of as the point that the system is geared up with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, the specs site states that the system is geared up with an “8MP, f/2.four aperture, 1080p video” “Front Camera”. 

Modifying hardware

Clearly as it at present stands the hardware is entirely devoid of any camera, entrance-facing or if not, which has guide some to speculate that this may be transforming quickly with a 2nd revision of the hardware. 

And with Google I/O set to just take area later nowadays, now would be the perfect time to announce new hardware. 

The clear reasoning for such as a camera in the router would be to allow for it to purpose as a dwelling security camera in addition to supplying Wi-Fi. 

But Google technically currently has these types of a products in the industry in the type of Google-owned Nest’s vary of intelligent dwelling security cameras. It would be unusual for Google to contend right with its very own subsidiary, but with the enterprise progressively ready to layout, create, and manufacture its very own hardware it could be a path that its on the lookout to go in. 

Of training course the listing could simply be a typo. 

When requested for comment, a agent from Google explained that the enterprise doesn’t comment on rumors. 

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