Today, Google acquired Fly Labs join its team photo Google. The company aims to help people edit videos and photos, and it wore 3 million downloads in the last 18 months. Their suite of applications (Tempo, Fly and fields) will be available in the next three months. You can still use them, but will no longer be updated.

We recently played with their applications “Video Clips”, and it was pretty pleased. See our interview below:

The leading product in the Google Photos, David Lieb, shared his thoughts on the acquisition:

This is a note from the team for the acquisition. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

We are pleased to announce that Fly Labs was acquired by Google!

Our mission Fly Labs has always been simple: to help people make the most of their photos and videos. We have a video editing application, because we believe that there is no better way to stay in touch with their memories, what to do with them creatively. In the past 18 months, our video editing applications have been downloaded more than 3 million times in over 150 different countries. More than 20 million videos were created with applications made by Fly Labs.

We are pleased to continue our mission by joining Google and Google picture team in Mountain View, California. Google Photos home to the memories of your life, the power of machine learning and computer vision technology Google. It’s perfect for what we have built in the Fly Labs, and we look forward to our technology back to Google Photos. We pour the same passion in Google Photos, we poured into clips, Fly, and the pace of the harvest on the fly.

Meanwhile, to date, all applications Fly Labs absolutely free with no in-app purchases! Applications will be available on the App Store for a further 3 months – so you can still download them and use them to get creative with the video – but please note that we will no longer provide any updates to the application. Once the application will be removed from the App Store, you will still be able to use them, but they will no longer be available for download.

We would like to thank our customers, our beta testers, our investors, our friends, our families, and all those who helped us get this far. Onward and upward!

Fly Labs Team

After breaking free from the Google+ as its own product, Google Photos recently passed by the mark 100M. Users who downloaded 50 billion photos and videos.