Gmail ‘s Bulk Email Tip : Avoid the appearance of garbage and personal touch

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Gmail contact group is great send an e-mail message , a specific group of people, but if you want something to each e-mail personal style , such as communications or promotions ? With Microsoft Office, Google ‘s office suite is not native mail merge feature , you can take advantage to do so. But do not sweat it : a little help and a free download from the Google script table , in a few minutes you can in Gmail personalized mass email .

1. Create a spreadsheet

OG to your Google Drive account . In the left sidebar , click New> Google table to create a spreadsheet. Here you will enter your e-mail recipient ‘s contact details, so give it a descriptive name .

Next, go to the menu bar and select Add-ons > Get Plugin . This will take you to Google ‘s additional storage . In the search window , your mail merge type a name for the script in this example , we will use another mail merge , and press Enter .

This is an open mail merge script . Click the Free button , a window will open , asking all kinds of permissions to access Google tables , contacts and Gmail. Click Accept. A window will pop up on the lower add-ins menu bar , showing the script has been installed. Click the X to close it.

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2. Import your contacts

The next step is to import your e-mail recipients to the spreadsheet. Click Add attachment > Yet another mail merge > Import contacts from the group . A small window opens with all the contact group in your Gmail account drop-down menu. You can also go to Gmail, and create a new group that you want all your mail merge including contacts . Then repeat the steps above , then select the group from the drop-down menu . Click Import contacts that will populate your spreadsheet.

3.Draft your email message

Now open a new browser tab , and then log in to your Gmail account . Click Compose to open a new message . Please write in the subject line of the title and body of the message . Then type anywhere in the $% headername%, you want to insert column data from your spreadsheet. For example, type Dear $ % name %, if you want

each email greeting using the recipient’s name. Once you’re done, click the X to close the message, it is automatically saved to your Drafts folder.

4. Perform the mail merge

Go back to your spreadsheet, and then click Add attachment > Yet Another Mail Merge > Start Mail Merge . In the window that opens , select your e-mail drop-down menu from scratch title . Track email open check box , if you want to see what the recipient opens the e-mail

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To make sure everything is in the correct format , click Send me a test e-mail message received samples . Switch to Gmail and check for mail . If all goes well , return to the dialog box , and then click Send an e-mail . Now , you will see the next EMAIL_SENT, spreadsheet Merge Status column of each contact . If you want to perform another mail merge from the same spreadsheet , remember to remove the state you want to send e-mail again merge each recipient column of text .