For several years, 3D-printing threatened to start production of the revolution, where we print our knick- gadgets and spare parts rather than ordering them Amazon

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That not quite happen, but so far Glowforge wants to help inventors and ads to make their own products at home :. This is an innovative 3D laser cutter, which costs much less than existing laser machines make

To be clear, this reduction and herbs instead of adding layers, as the traditional 3D-printer makes. You put in the material – wood, acrylic, cardboard and so on. – And Glowforge carves its form

cutting and engraving

You can do anything from etching design cover your Macbook Pro, to make wooden candlestick to sell on Etsy. It is designed to be easy to operate with mobile applications and desktops, too, so you do not necessarily need any technical know-how to be able to use it.

This is not tiny, but Glowforge much smaller and much less expensive than a comparable kit that will do the same job in the workplace. With the help of smartphone components and shipment of a lot of computing in the cloud, its creators were able to reduce costs.

Over the next month you can make an advance payment of the basic Glowforge $ 1,995 (about 1,310 £ / AUS $ 2850), which is 50 percent. A Pro model with a more powerful laser can be also twice as expensive.

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