In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to create the following text and nice shiny emblem Adobe Photoshop4 simple steps effect.


Just a text layer, you can have your own at any time with a delicious gloss text effect emblem of several layer styles. Since the entire effect is completed after the vector text layer, you can freely change the font face or letter, to meet your needs and still retain all of its shape. As a final link, we will add a simple shadow to give it some perspective and authenticity.

step 1
Fire up Photoshop and your canvas is set to 800 × 600. We will use a dark background of perforated material. It can be easily cut out a circular pattern, and applied subtle bevel made from the background. Free to grab from the background PSD file, or if you want to use another texture.


Step 2
Next, lay your type. I use black Trajan, 425px size covering most parts of China. A couple of letters will do now.


Step 3
Now, let’s slap on the offensive layer effects. By selecting the text and go to Layer> Layer Style> Drop Shadow and enter the start in the following settings. Then continue down, while paying close attention to each set and mixed mode in the list. Also take note of different contour maps to use. A contour map of a large array you can find.

7 8 9 10 11 12

A closer look at your color gradient in the Gradient Overlay

13 14

Here’s your stroke gradient should look like:



You should now have a beautiful decorative metal reflectors. But let us add that the last shadows a little depth.

Step 4
Ctrl key (command applies to Mac) + click on the text layer thumbnail (white box with a capital ‘T’) in the Layers panel to select it. Now, create a style of text Press CTRL + SHIFT + N under a new layer fill the selection with black and Ctrl keys (command applies to Mac) + D to deselect. Motion Blur filter applied to -85 degree angle and distance of 39px. Finally, so most of the shadow below your type nudge this layer down a little bit.


Congratulations, you’ve created a nice type of effect minutes that’will compliment your next project, or even win praise from your boss, friends or colleagues.