How to use FTP for File Transfer?

FTP Client Tutorial Through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to transfer files, you need to establish a FTP connection. In order to make the FTP connection, you can use a standard Web browser (IE browser, Mozilla Firefox browser, etc.) or an FTP client. To transfer files using FTP, you need to have a web space FTP account you want to transfer files. FTP hosting account, you’re going to upload your files. You can also create other for other users.

When using a Web browser to access an FTP connection, FTP Upload sometimes very slow, download unprotected (not recommended for uploading or downloading large files).

FTP Client Software

FTP client is a designed to transfer files over the Internet backup software and repeated between two computers. It needs to be installed on your computer, use only the real-time connection to the Internet.

Upload / download via FTP client (like FileZilla in, CuteFTP or SmartFTP) files is easy. In addition, FTP client has some additional features. For example, you can resume the download did not complete successfully. This is a man with a slow Internet connection a very nice feature.

FTP client interface is usually divided into two – the left pane displays the files and folders on your computer (your desktop, My Documents, etc.), and displayed in the right pane on the remote server file (if this is your web hosting account, public_html file you will see a folder, files are stored in your site).

FTP File Transfer

File transfer is through a simple drag-and-drop a pane to the other files were. Other features FTP client further comprising: a plurality of file transfer time in the transfer, file queuing, more automatic HTTP.