Yesterday witnessed the official reveal of AMD’s fascinating new Ryzen processors – which finally make octo-core CPUs reasonably priced to a mainstream viewers – and previously the flagship product has broken a environment report for functionality in Cinebench.

Thoughts you, some preposterous cooling was wanted in the quest to thrust the Ryzen seven 1800X processor up to 5.2GHz on all 8 of its cores, with the voltage cranked to one.875v, and liquid nitrogen staying applied to achieve a temperature of all over -200 levels Celsius.

As Wccftech reviews, this permitted the gleeful overclockers in issue to strike a rating of two,449 in Cinebench R15’s multi-threaded exams, beating the preceding all-time report, whilst admittedly not by that significantly (39 details).

Of course this is not a practical overclocking situation in terms of the use of liquid nitrogen cooling, but the report slipping bodes well for the kind of enhance Ryzen owners can hope when it arrives to precise true-environment functionality.

Ryzen thermals

What will be definitely attention-grabbing is to see how considerably the 1800X can be pushed making use of air cooling.

The 8-core chip has a foundation clock of 3.6GHz with a enhance to 4GHz, so we can realistically hope for all over four.4GHz with air cooling, depending on the correct cooling remedy and, of course, the CPU lottery (there are generally slight variances when it arrives to overclocking tolerances with processors, and you just have to hope you get fortunate). 

At any rate, four.4GHz will be loads enough for some storming functionality concentrations.

Remember that the 1800X will be likely on sale for $499 (about £400, AU$650), which is significantly less than 50 % the value of Intel’s Main i7-6900K. AMD has previously claimed that its flagship processor beats the latter in Cinebench R15 multi-threaded, and by a substantial margin: one,601 to one,474.

For this reason all the excitement relating to AMD’s new chips – it absolutely seems like the processor environment is about to turn out to be a considerably extra competitive setting, which is great information for the regular client.

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