How ladies and men. Let’s fill those cups and talk about WordPress broken links; a thorn, just like WordPress spam. But do not be taken away here today and we will be fully focused on how to find and fix broken links that plague your WordPress site.

Also known as dead links (whoever makes these terms), WordPress broken links are just as bad as they sound. For starters, dead links can occur for a number of reasons, so there is no definitive way to determine the cause. Second, and more importantly, WordPress broken links on your WordPress site has a negative impact.

But what really constitutes a broken link? The broken links are 1) any links that lead to non-existent resources, and 2) incorrectly placed links, resulting in a 404 error page, or any other page, but the target page. In other words, broken links lead you and your readers nowhere.

WordPress broken link causes

If your statistics widget shows users appearing on a 404 error page when clicking a link on your site, the broken link will enter your business from the inside out. However, you can not remember to write down resources (audio files, video files, pictures, documents, posts, web pages, etc.) or do anything that could cause 404 errors. So how can you have a dead link fucking with your stuff?

Stay cool, WordPress broken links give Entrepreneur left, right and center all day. It is true that you are not alone, but things will bright for a minute. WordPress breaks the link hit for some reason, such as:

  • The recent move to a new host is not as successful as you might think
  • You are linked to a third-party resource, and the third party deleted it or changed its URL
  • Maybe you’ve changed the URL of your old message, but you forgot to update all the pages and messages that link to the post
  • Some bad people are against you
  • The new business strategy involves changing your domain name
  • Since the error is human, you misspelled the link, for example. You have omitted a letter or a link to the http: // section
  • The message left a link for nowhere to lead
  • Your host has unusual firewall settings because … well … some hosts are playing rough
  • Did you migrate from Blogger to WordPress and your permanent link has changed? This happens a lot
  • If you forget to fix the link after converting your site from HTML to WordPress, you will be disconnected
  • The third-party site you are linking to is offline because the owner did not pay for the deposit or closed

Hew, what list, even if the inappropriate assumptions, I think there are more. Worry if yours is an isolated WordPress broken link case; we provide solutions within a second should take care of your troubles once and for all. But first, let’s take a self-timer move to affect the dead link on your WordPress site.

Effects of WordPress Broken Links

Effects of Broken Links

There are many ways to break links that negatively impact your site, but here are some of the most worthy of your consideration.

Bad user experience

Nobody likes to land on the dreaded 404 error page. If you do not know, most users do not want to stick with your site if they can not find them. A clever 404 error page mitigates this problem, but to a certain extent.

The best thing is to fix the broken links to make sure that the reader does not end up getting to your 404 error page. After all, the bad user experience, among other things, breeds bad reputation.

Lost traffic

For the online business, traffic is like blood flowing through your blood vessels. It’s a precious commodity, without it your site is depleted and dying. No traffic, your site is useless nipples on the Breastplate (hello, GOT fans). In other words, you need to deal with traffic carefully, otherwise your well will wither.

A healthy contextual profile is exactly what you need to move traffic from adoption to conversion. If you and your readers have broken links, you will lose the latter, your reason will fly out of the window. You will lose the numbers, it will hurt badly.

There is a broken link in the middle of your sales channel that disrupts the traffic, which will introduce our next point.

Loss of income

Here is a hypothetical case. Your site is doing very well. Your WordPress marketing strategy is being paid out, from the analysis that you are pulling the numbers from the right source. In other words, your target traffic; that kind of person buys.

there is a question. Your conversion rate is attracting a lot of time. Something is draining your marketing dollars and trying. You put A-1 in the performance, as far driving traffic, but monetary rewards attract your life. This is frustrating.

As it is, you run a website audit and you are frustrated that you have disconnected the links pointing to your product, which means that your customers will be able to cash in for a long time. Your competitors smile all the way to the bank, re-caught in financial difficulties.

Maybe not. You have an outbound link to your affiliate program, things are going well until the affiliate provider changes tactics, or in the case of a market, the product vendor exits. But you do not know that, so you end up losing a lot of money.

It could happen to you, just like it happened to a friend Ray:

{Some} affiliate providers are a bit sneaky in that when the product supplier
 drops out and no longer is using them, they 
{redirect all this traffic to their home page}. 
I therefore found on a report that one “dead link” that WAS clicking through
 to a product was being flipped to the affiliate provider’s main page 
(now unrelated) – therefore {costing me over 2830 clicks!} 
That’s lost sales for me. Say the sales {conversion} rate was 1%, 
that’s 20 to 30 lost sales. – 
Ray, as seen on Broken Link Checker WordPress Link: 
Fix Broken Links & Redirections – ShoutMeLoud

How to fix WordPress broken links

There are some ways you can use to find and repair broken WordPress links easily and quickly. We classify these methods as:

  • Broken Link Checker plug-in
  • Link Check Service
  • Other link checking tools

We will cover several options in each category, as you will need the Broken Link Checker plug-in. It is 100%, quite impressive for many standards.

Let’s start with WordPress broken link plugin.

WordPress Broken Link plugin

Disclaimer: There is a lot of discussion about breaking the link plugin emptying server resources. As a result, some hosts block certain plug-ins. If you notice a significant performance loss when using these plug-ins, disable the plug-in after fixing broken links. In fact, only when you need to check your WordPress site to break the link activation plugin.

With the annoying way out, here are some of the best WordPress broken link plugins ever elegant.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

With more than 400k of active installs and a star rating of 4.10 / 5.00, this plugin can be said to be one of the leading broken link checkers in WordPress.

Vladimir Prelovac and Janis Elsts have created the Broken Link Cheker, which checks for “… broken links and missing images of your posts, comments and other content and informs you if there is any find” Yes, it’s that simple .

This plug-in combs your posts, pages, blogs, comments, and custom fields to break links and notify you via the WP admin dashboard or by e-mail. You can stop the search engine from disconnecting and displaying dead links in your posts differently so as not to confuse the reader.

Broken Link Checker is highly configurable, which means that you can filter links by URL, anchor text, and so on. If the plug-in detects any broken links, you can fix them directly from the plug-in’s page. We just grabbed the surface here, because this plug-in has more features.

WP Broken Link Status Checker

Broken Link Status Checker

Numero dos combines Seed Pugins with Pau Iglesias to WP Broken Link Stateful Inspector. It pulls out some weight until the broken link is identified, but it attracts the fixed link to rot.

I say this because you have to access the affected posts / pages just to edit or delete dead links. This or you can simply spam links, which is a subjective. Beyond that, this broken link WordPress Plugin is very easy to install, configure and rate in the ratings department.

The administrator has the option to customize each scan, and you can view the results on the page of the plug-in or via e-mail. You can, obviously, get more features with the WP Link Status Pro version ($ 20 USD).

Link Checker

Link Checker

For starters, you can not use this plugin in the local development environment, which is unpol. This means that the developer is using an external server to check for broken links on your site. He said there is no sensitive information uploaded to the server, but you have any idea?

The free version allows you to check the top 500 links, which is the limit, as we have free options without restrictions. You will need a professional version to check for more than 500 links.

On the other hand, there is very little server load, which is a good thing. It’s very simple to set up, out of the box, but I notice a slight clash with the Broken Link Checker. However, it plays with other plug-ins. Pro allows you to schedule scans for other things. It has a rating of 3.70 / 5.00 and an efficient installation of more than 2k.

Overall, the Broken Link Checker plugin did it for me.

Link Check Service

While the WordPress broken link plugin will help you identify and repair broken links, the link checking service only helps the former. It’s better than nothing, is not it? The only downside is that you need to manually (painfully) or use a plugin to fix WordPress broken links.

See you still need a plug-in, such as Broken Link Checker, I will summarize the next section, so you want to see some of these services. transaction? it is good.

Third-party link checking services include:

  • W3C Link Checker – This link checker displays all dead links, their status codes (for example, 404, 403, 301, etc.), and suggested action plans.
  • Google Webmaster Tools – This is a great tool for not only checking for broken links, but also checking for other site errors. You have to give it to Google because these guys give you lots of information, your links are broken, and so on. They can even classify errors and provide various details, such as the first time a broken link is detected.
  • Online Broken Link Check – This is a basic online tool if you need to scan a large website to come in handy. This takes time, and the free version allows you to scan up to 3000 pages. Beyond that, you need a paid version to check the documentation (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.) and the links in the image, which is bad news.

Other link checking tools

Other broken link checkers that deserve mention include:

  • Check my links (Chrome extension) (great designers and developers)
  • The LinkChecker
  • Link Valet
  • The Link Sleuth of Xenu
  • Integrity (for Mac)

Fix WordPress broken links

Using all of the tools in the previous section, you should capture dead links before they cause serious damage to your WordPress site. All you need to do is rewrite, replace or delete dead links.

However, these three operations can cause significant loss of traffic, especially if you fix a link to an internal post / page. For example, if you rebuild a website from scratch, purchase a new domain name, or change your post / page, you will break your link mode. A better option is to redirect the old link to the new link. This way you can keep traffic and SEO juice.

Still, for other links to fix the problem, other sites may incorrectly link to your domain, which means that visitors who tracked the link could not find you. Just contact the publisher to resolve the issue. You can also redirect the incorrect link to another page, but this is another day’s topic.

On the other hand, if they link to an information or page in error (but do not mess with the domain part), then the reader who follows the link will log in to your 404 error page. There are two options: You can build an impressive 404 error page to capture the reader, or redirect this traffic to another location.

As our method …

Fixing WordPress broken links can lead to a better user experience and traffic, both of which can lead to better conversions.

You can use any of the methods and tools suggested in this article to locate and fix dead links. If you will be addicted to me, I am under Broken Link Checker at any time of the day.

We hope this article helps you repair broken links on your WordPress site. If you are unfamiliar with other methods and tools, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.