First Steps in WHM – Initial Login and a Quick Tour In order to access your WHM, you need your domain name (provided by the domain name to point to your VPS with us) after adding / Southland. So, for example, if your site is, you will be able to access your WHM interface by accessing

If your domain is not yet point to your VPS, do not worry, you can still enter the server name, and then after adding / southern access your WHM. For example, if you are hosting in, you can access your WHM access at any time.

It should be noted that, regardless of the two ways to access WHM which you use, you will receive a warning for secure connections SSL certificate, because it can not be trusted not signed by a known Certificate Authority (CA).

You do not have to worry about this warning – the connection is still secure, you can safely accept / trust certificates. The reason for the warning is a cPanel shared SSL use self-signed. Again, this is not an issue, you can safely accept the certificate and enter the login page.

When you accept the certificate, the login window will pop up asking you to enter a user name and password. CPanel user name is your user name and password for your cPanel password. If you refuse, and now want to enter your login credentials and click Cancel, you will see the default Southland login page:

Once you log in, you will see the WHM Home/Main page:


In the left column there are options to manage all your hosting services. They were divided into several parts, and there are options to quickly find what you need to find options.

The name of each part is self-explanatory, we will introduce the most important in our tutorial. You may access the most part is the package and account features. Here, you can create, edit, and delete hosting packages and accounts. We will describe these in more detail next, so keep reading.