Get ready for another easy to carry … Neyya ring Bluetooth is designed for remote control of other mobile devices finally begins today after a long post-Crowdfunding delays and a significant rethinking of the original concept.

We first encountered launch in January 2014, when she designed a prototype version of its smart ring – then called Fin – our hardware battle competition in CES. The initial idea was optical wear, which could turn the whole hand into swipeable and tappable space interface – a concept which has allowed the launch to raise more than $ 200,000 from more than 1,600 supporters on Indiegogo, tied to the launch in September 2014

If, functionality gesture was recruited back into swipeable touchpad on the ring. And start happening now – more than a year later than planned. Under no circumstances should an unusual story in hardware Crowdfunding trail.

Neyya is now called Fin, priced at $ 139 / £ 129 in the finishing of titanium, or $ 179 / £ 159 in gold plate. It is available for purchase directly from the website startup -. US and UK retailers including Selfridges and Bloomingdales stocking its November 26 Indiegogo backers will (finally) get their rings today


Why the long delay? President Sonia Hunt explains the team went through a partial support, redesign and rebranding, realizing their original concept is not going to work out as they had hoped.

“After Crowdfunding and the prototype that we saw in the battlefield in Las Vegas, we did a great job, and we realized a few things. We brought in some experts and even doctors, in terms of placement in the ring, and we did a lot of work on the part of the metric, “she says TechCrunch.

“The ring is now recommended as such that you wear it on your index finger, a finger that controls smart surface … It makes sense to tap and swipe point of view, when you use your finger on the surface of the smart. “

“When we raised that Indiegogo round, and we did realize that we need to create their own batteries, certain custom components, so we attract financing [from Kalaari capital, although it is not disclosing how much more],” she He adds. “What we realized after launch [in] crowdfunder, what we really need to spend time to rethink some of this technology. And we do not want to put something just to put it.

“We do not need to put out the device, just for the sake of putting it. Thus, we always focus on specific core functions in the working area and the playing side – which is why it has no screen, which is why he does not have a ton of specific functions; it’s very focused. So, we kind of, after the battle, in fact, was to regroup and think about it was the right product, and if not, how are we going to make it better. To really be a product that people can use, and it can improve their lives. “

, as well as the possibility of remote control – for example – presentation software running on a laptop, so that the user Neyya should not rely on a standard clicker, say, to move through the slides in the presentation of their smart ring also includes some functions notices -. Joining the ranks of other notify me-selectively related proposals jewelry such as Ringly and Vinaya

Although Neyya mainly focusing on the remote control use-case -. And, therefore, the basic orientation of professional users, who give a lot of presentations, such as sales staff

Custom notifications are recycling, with a companion Android or IOS application is used for up to three priority subscribers whose comments ring will buzz. Other secondary notification features include LEDs to set custom reminders pushing so to take medication or take some time to relax.


“The main use of everything entrepreneur business professional. On the primary use-case for people who, and on the implementation of the presentation. Including Bluetooth, and you can remote control to navigate through Keynote presentations PowerPoint, or presi,” Hunt adds .

design ring for unisex, while it comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. Battery life is about three days, if it is used for three-four hours a day, according to Hunt. It charges via the base station, taking 90 minutes to be fully juice.

Also launching today :. The Android SDK for Neyya, firmware due soon, to third parties to create custom functions for portable to fit its own needs

“Where to go? We have two fashion and designer watches in Denmark to us for a custom version of the ring,” says Hunt. “And the company, which appealed to us in the space of enterprise software in the field of warehouse management – they see the use of which is now on the floor of their employees using two handheld devices to do the job. So they love the idea of ​​getting them of anything but ring, and the ring through custom applications talking to their system. “