Smart phones have made it easier than ever to capture moments, but sharing them is another matter entirely.

We were all at the party adopted packs shots only to work out what to load into social networks the next day. But a new feature Facebook, “Magic Picture” is designed to solve this problem.

This feature, which is currently being tested on Android and iOS in Australia, built in Facebook Messenger, and uses pattern recognition Facebook, the person mind to notify you when you take a snap from one of your “Book of Friends.

If there is more than one person in the frame, the picture Magic send an image for everyone in it through the group thread Messenger.

Work in progress

There is a risk that it may be intrusive, potentially appear notice, and you’re still shooting, or, as it only brings the notice to the last photo you have taken, potentially view the best if you shoot burst of gunfire. But, according to TechCrunch team behind her, looking to improve these aspects of

And, the good news. And if you do not want to use it, you should not. You can turn notification on and refuse to have your face recognized in other people’s pictures -But if you decide to use Magic Picture it sounds like it may save some time and make sure that people are sending and receiving more pictures.

Facebook Messenger Doing more photo-oriented it can also help them better compete with the likes Snapchat -. although only share them with a group of Messenger, sounds strange

Currently, you can not get a photo of magic outside of Australia, but it is expected to land in the United States in the near future, and if people respond well, we imagine the rest the world will get it too.

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