Facebook launched a new initiative designed to address suicide prevention in Australia.

Perspective “more resources, advice and support for people who may be going through a difficult time,” Facebook makes a number of tools available for those who may be experiencing mental health problems, together with their friends.

If someone posts something on a social network, it anxiety, Facebook now allows friends that a person pass the post in a 24-hour customer support.

Team Facebook will be the priorities of the reports are considered to be the most serious – as a rule, those involved in issues such as self-mutilation and suicide – and. “Direct assistance and resources for those in need”

Help is at hand

These resources will include A “Suicide Prevention flow”, which will provide users with a series of graphics and pages that are designed to soothe and calm the user, providing telephone, e-mail or message reference if needed talk to someone.

concerned friends also assist in providing support for those concerns through the pre-populated text suggestions are designed to persuade the person in question in search of help.

This initiative was developed in the US mental health organizations Forefront of Health, now the question is now, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Save.org in Australia Beyond blue and free space, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

Facebook argues that the aid it provides to be age appropriate, directing users through their organizations at a particular age group.

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