The new feature allows users to search for anyone by name and send them a “request message.” So … maybe a terrible message?

Facebook rid folder “Other” message, which was basically no place for friends to send you messages that were terribly AF.

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David Marcus, who works Facebook Messenger, announced on Tuesday that another folder in the mailbox will be replaced with a new feature called “asks messages.”

David Marcus, who runs Facebook Messenger, announced Tuesday that the Other folder in the inbox will be replaced by a new feature called

But you promic David? You really promic?


The new feature allows any user to Facebook, to search for the name and send the message. You have the option to accept or ignore requests without prompting knowing that you’ve read their message.

The new feature enables any Facebook user to search your name and send a message. You have the option of accepting or ignoring the requests without the requestor knowing you've read their message.

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